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Swatched! Urban Decay Zodiac

UGH. I can’t believe it took me so damn long to get this polish! I’ve wanted it ever since I first glimpsed this amazing masterpiece of a swatch from Scrangie which makes mine look like gross amateurish finger painting in comparison (love you girl!). I am pretty sure that post of hers was when they were new, and time seems to be running away from me. Regardless, I now have Urban Decay Zodiac in my possession (and Blackheart too… but that’s a post for another day!) so please forgive me for such a transgression, oh Nail Polish Gods, I promise […]

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[30 Jun 2014 | 4 Comments | 1,065 views]
This Is What A Full Set Of Spectacular Rocky Horror Polishes Looks Like

I’m super busy today and I haven’t had a chance to swatch anything new (haha not really new but you get me) but I did have a few minutes to snap some pics of my incredible NOW COMPLETE Spectacular Rocky Horror collection, thanks to the wonderful Hannah from Polly Polish who helped me get the last two that I needed – Columbia and Janet Schmanet. These were on this years yearly wish list and I was super chuffed when I got to cross them off. I remember seeing the tiny pic of them on TimeWarp.org many years ago and setting […]

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[29 Jun 2014 | 2 Comments | 464 views]
Swatched! Naturistics Malachite Pearl

I have probably close to half a helmer drawer full of Naturistics polishes (or is it a drawer full now?) but I have actually swatched very few of them. I was working on cataloging a box of polishes that I have yet to put away and I spotted this one on the top of the pile. It’s pretty, it’s green, it’s old. It’s right up my alley. Much like yesterday’s Mythe, I have NFI how old Malachite Pearl is. A quick google search shows that probably one other person in the entire land of the internet owns it, and they […]

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[28 Jun 2014 | 10 Comments | 541 views]
Swatched! Chanel Mythe

I feel like this year in polish hunting has been a wonderful, splendid dream. It’s only half way through the year and I have crossed a massive EIGHT polishes from my yearly wishlists. Eight! I am lucky if I manage that in a year and I still have HALF A YEAR TO GO. Polish karma baby. It’s so real I can taste it. Today’s polish for me to blub about is Chanel Mythe, (featured in my 2013 list) which arrived with the freaking amazing Black Velvet in what I am now calling “Super bullshit amazing swap of 2014″. Still stunned […]

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[27 Jun 2014 | 2 Comments | 397 views]
Swatched! MAC Shimmerfish

Today I’ve swatched another of the three polishes from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection, the foily silver Shimmerfish. You might remember my review for Neptune was less than favourable – unfortunately I feel much the same about Shimmerfish. In fact, even despite the awesome packaging I think this one is going in the purge pile. Shimmerfish is a muted silver foil with copper flecks, which you might think you’ve seen somewhere before and you’d be right – to my eye it is completely identical to OPI Designer De Better from the 2011 Muppets Holiday collection. I don’t own it to […]

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Swatched! OPI Green On The Runway

OPI hasn’t really honked my horn as of late, but all that changed when promotional images of the Coca Cola collaboration emerged. While the rest of the shades were nice, but dupeable – one had everyone talking. THAT GREEN. And for once, OPI’s over digitised promotional product shots didn’t disappoint. Bottle shots of Green On the Runway began to appear and we were left with our jaws on the floor. People, I have been around nail polish for a long time and I have seen colours and collections come and go. THIS is future vintage gold. Once it’s gone, people […]

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Swatched! Hard Candy Sell Out

I’m utterly exhausted today, which is probably a good thing because it will prevent me getting over excited about writing this post and ending up with a CAPS FILLED MESS OF HYPERBOLE. Instead I can be cool, calm and collected as I tell you that “F*ck yeah, I own Hard Candy Sell Out, motherf*ckers.” Look at it. LOOK AT IT. LOOOOOOOK. It’s AWESOME. You know what makes it even better? It was a gift! A beautiful, magical gift! Thank you thank you Bella! *swoon swoon* Sell Out is known as Sellout in the UK, and was not part of the […]

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[24 Jun 2014 | 7 Comments | 457 views]
Swatched! MAC Neptune

Sigh. I really, really hate writing bad reviews. Especially for a polish this gorgeous. The current journalistic trend (especially prevalent among online reviewers) of it not being a proper review unless you find something to nitpick is super annoying to me, and I’d much rather just write about what I love. My blog, my rules, my right to gush like someone is paying me to (no one is paying me, god damn I wish I got paid for this). So let’s just get the bad stuff out of the way so I can gush like we love to at Pretty […]

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[23 Jun 2014 | 6 Comments | 539 views]
Swatched! Chanel Black Velvet 32

It’s probably super dorky of me to say that I still can not believe that I am typing this entry. Of all the polishes in my yearly wish lists, this was the one I figured I was least likely to see. It’s over ten years old. It originates from a single country – and it’s CHANEL. But screw the hurdles. Here we are with my precious, precious bottle of Black Velvet. Not to be confused with the 2010 matte black shade of the same name, Black Velvet is a stunning black jelly with silver microglitter and the most amazing royal […]

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[22 Jun 2014 | 4 Comments | 431 views]
Swatched! Misa Embroidered Emerald

I feel like Misa is one of those brands that you don’t hear from much anymore – at least nowhere near as much as we did when I seriously started collecting polish around 07-08. Every prominent blogger used to get the new collections and Misa were hitting some great strides with new and popular colours. You’ve heard me gush about the Poisoned Passion collection. You’ve seen my fabulous swatches of Silk Robe. You’ve probably even seen my Vintage Misa collection. But I honestly can’t recall what their last collection was. Anyone? Bueller? Back in the day when Misa was king, […]

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[21 Jun 2014 | 5 Comments | 461 views]
Swatched! China Glaze Cowgirl Up

I should have called this post “If You Don’t Have China Glaze Cowgirl Up What Are You Doing With Your Life” or “I Am So Flipping Ashamed It Took Me This Long To Buy Cowgirl Up” because those feels are accurate. It is amazing, it is sensational. It is probably one of my new favourite polishes. What are you babbling about Kaz? LET ME SHOW YOU. I included a link to a super huge shot so you can click it and bask in the awesome complexity of that shimmer (please to ignore gank cuticles kthanx). It’s perfection. It has gorgeous […]

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[18 Jun 2014 | 6 Comments | 546 views]
No Time To Swatch Today, But Here’s Some Pretty Haul Pics

Ugh, being super busy, taking care of the cutest baby in the history of babies and the zillion Pretty Serious things I have been been doing aren’t super conducive to being a productive blogger. I haven’t even had time to paint a swatch, but what I do have on my camera is a bunch of pretty bottle pics of some of the stuff I have picked up in the last couple of months. So here’s today’s lazy post: Bottle pics! I picked up Submerged, Neptune and Shimmerfish from The MAC Alluring Aquatic collection. I also picked up lipsticks in Mystical […]

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[15 Jun 2014 | 3 Comments | 557 views]
Vintage Blogging Beauties: Streetwear Sexy

It’s 9.51pm on Sunday night and I am hoping I can just squeeze in my post for the first Vintage Blogging Beauties Vintage Brand Spotlight post, but I think I might be cutting it short! Of course, we picked Streetwear – Revlon’s hip and happening 90′s line which was brought to the market to combat the edgy teen appeal of new brands Hard Candy and Urban Decay. My Streetwear collection is pretty intense. I’m a completist. And while there are quite a few I am still missing, there’s also a larger portion that I am not. I don’t have a […]

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[13 Jun 2014 | 6 Comments | 492 views]
Swatched! OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

I’d like to think that my OPI collection, while smallish for someone with a stash of my size, is something of a Greatest Hits collection. It’ mostly vintage (although I did pick up four of the new Coca Cola shades) and the ones I own, I love. My OPI wishlist is small, but fierce (Yosemite anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and I always knew that Midnight Blue Glitter belonged in there somewhere. Unfortunately MBG is one of those colours that I used to see EVERYWHERE when I started really getting into polish. I could have easily picked up a bottle for six […]

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[12 Jun 2014 | 11 Comments | 769 views]
Swatched! Dior Sparkling Blueberry 979

I’m sick. I know it. I have a whole pile of polishes that I look exactly like this one. I can’t help it. I must own ALL the Night Sky polishes. A few years ago, I put together a Night Sky polish comparison post, which I probably need to updated because since then I have picked up quite a few more, the latest being this stunning vintage Dior 979 – Sparkling Blueberry. What’s the fascination? It’s just silver glitter in a navy jelly base. To be honest, I DON’T KNOW. But I love every last twinkly star filled sky looking […]

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[11 Jun 2014 | 14 Comments | 547 views]
Swatched! Celestial Cosmetics Princess Evie

This is a very, very special polish. Not only is it one of a kind, but it’s named after the most important person in my life. My beautiful three month old princess, Evelyn. Or Evie for short. I know I am biased, but I think she’s the most beautiful creature that the universe ever saw fit to dream up, so it makes sense that this polish is equally beautiful. Made as a gift by the wonderful Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics to celebrate the birth of my daughter, this gorgeous shimmering purple really couldn’t be more perfect. On a more personal […]

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[9 Jun 2014 | 6 Comments | 649 views]
Swatched! OPI DS Royal

I have a love/hate relationship with the OPI Designer Series line. If my memory serves me correctly, the line launched in late 2007, possibly 2008 but I am pretty sure 2007 was the year. To be honest, they were pretty revolutionary. OPI’s “Diamond Dust” particles (aka Spectraflair) were pretty much unheard of in the nail polish world back then, unless you were lucky enough to own a bottle of Chanel Holographic or a few lesser known Avon releases. The chance to wear a rainbow on your nails was a brand new concept for the salon polish loving community. Sadly, it […]

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[7 Jun 2014 | 10 Comments | 691 views]
Of Zings and Things

YOU GUYS I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW! WHO HAS A COMPLETE (…I think) ZING SET? Why, that would be me since I snagged Cherryzing for $5.50 BIN last night from an Aussie eBay seller. Here’s an emotional family reunion photo from a few years back of my initial Zings. Aren’t they gorgeous? L to R Kiwizing, Violetzing, Tangyzing, Citruszing, Rosezing, Khakizing, Peachzing Missing from the group photo is the gorgeous Mangozing (below), which I found for $3.00 at a dusty market stall at Paddy’s. I remember coolly paying for the polish and quietly losing my shit as I […]

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