2017 Wishlist Update – The Catch Up!

Ok, so I hope you’re sitting down for this news, but I am back! Well, almost. But I’m committing to two posts a week to get Pretty Random back on its feet and we’ll go from there. As most of you probably know, Pretty Serious Cosmetics has been taking up most of my time, but I’m determined not to let the little blog that started it all disappear into obscurity.

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Now that I am back, I figured the best point to start would be catching up on my yearly wishlist post which I didn’t get to this year. I also haven’t had much time to search out my wishlist items over the last 12 months, so everything you see here has been either placed in my lap or brought to my attention by my beautiful friends. I’ll start out with Wishlist scores and follow it up with extra cool stuff that I found.

Here’s my previous treasure hunting posts if you’re curious, but I have also listed everything I am still looking for at the bottom of this post.

2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016

First up, Orly Cool Cucumber from my 2012 list! This one had eluded me for so long despite me seeing it pop up now and again. Thankfully my lovely friends are always on the lookout even when I’m not and I was gifted this by a gorgeous soul. Thank you so much!

Although it needs a little TLC at the moment (and by TLC I mean a SHITLOAD of thinner,) HOLY BALLS IT’S RIOTOUS ROSE! The polish that ended up on my wishlist from one grainy old photograph of someone’s old Sally Hansen’s from Makeup Alley and I decided that I needed to make it mine. And here she is. Riotous Rose arrived in an awesome Sally Hansen lot from a friend (and you’ll see the others in that lot later in this post.

Hard Candy Scam was on my 2015 list (left, pictured here with Fetish and Vice). I was lucky enough to snag a whole bunch of vintage Hard Candy and Urban Decay from The Scholarly Nail when she was destashing and MAN did I grab some awesome stuff. I filled some huge holes in my Hard Candy and UD collections and got my hands on some items I never thought I would own. But more on that later.

While we’re on the topic of goodies grabbed from The Scholarly Nail’s destash, I also nabbed Smackers Blueberry Blast from my 2015 list! (Let’s be honest, most of my 2015 list was inspired by Jacquie’s blog). These Smackers polishes are hard to come by and to add another polish to my expanding Night Sky polish collection – amazing!

Estee Lauder Red Lights (and everything beyond this point) is from my 2016 list and I have acquired it at some point in the past two years – yet another awesome acquisition from an awesome friend. I’m always super intrigued by these rare and seemingly random high end multichromes, flakies and holos. I hope to find more in the future!

Urban Decay X (middle, pictured with Burnout and Midnight Cowboy) was from my 2016 list and I somehow ended up with two bottles of this bad boy! Don’t worry, one was donated to Naileontology Science and if you like X I would be keeping an eye on Pretty Serious VERY soon. These three here take my second gen UD wishlist down to one – I am only missing Gash, which I have in the re-issued bottle (but of course, it’s not the same!)

Hard Candy Jeanious from my 2016 list (right, pictured with Trance) was my must have 2nd Gen hard candy after Sellout and now, it’s mine. I’ve got a lot of gaps in my collection of these rectangular bottles and I should probably focus on starting to pick them up, as the older they get the harder they’ll be to find, especially when most people just toss their old polishes.

Now on to the extras. These will be my blog post fodder for the upcoming weeks so I’ll post a bit more about each of them as I do swatches, so here’s some delicious thumbnail porn for you to look at. Click the image to see the big picture.

L to R: Elvira Gold, Elvira Black, Rimmel Potion, Zenith, Va Va Voom, OPI Telepathic Topaz,
Sally Hansen New Lengths Sequin Frost, Sally Hansen It’s Witchcraft Frost, Provocateur Frost, Sally Hansen Pink Frost, Lightning Frost, Embrace, Misa Street Style, Foxy & Folksy,
Misa Midnight Red, Amethyst Anemone, Bo-Jangles, Misa Radiant, Decadent Drifter, CM Evelyn Green (!!), Hard Candy Scorn, Porno, Vegas,
Hard Candy Shag, Tricky, Hard Candy Moody, Peach, Hot Rod, Fantasy Makers Black (has bar glitter), Elianto Racing Green, Burnt Umber
Maybelline Beaming Ruby, Naturistics Icicle, Hard Candy Vinyl, Complex

Now, I’ve left these for last because there’s no way I’m going to swatch them but behold these INCREDIBLE 1st Gen Urban Decay shades that I got from The Scholarly Nail!

Smog, Stray Dog, Acid Rain

Shelter, Dude, Shattered

No list on this post – I’m going to save that for the post I’m doing in a couple of weeks for 2018. I wonder if I can cross any more off this list before the year ends!


Revlon Black Strobe (2010)
OPI Yosemite (2010)

L’Oreal 290 Acqua (2010)

Illamasqua Hiss (2011)
Lancome Jazzy (2012)
Color Club Precious Gifts (2012)
CM Enchanted Forest (2012)
Nars After Dark (2012)

Color Club Black Widow Aqua (2013)
Maybelline Boxer Blue (2013)
Loreal JetSet 335 (2013)

Sally Hansen Spooktacular (2014)
Misa Emerald Sea (2014)
Chanel Pink Ribbons (2014)
Sally Hansen Space Age (2014)
Revlon VelvetZing (2014) (I haven’t marked this one off but I am sure I have it?)
Sally Hansen Santa (2015)
Jessica Twilight (2015)
Essie Ticker Tape (2015)
Maybelline Planet Purple (2015)
Revlon The Spy Who Loved Me (2016)
MAC Cunning (2016)
OPI This Side of Midnight (2016)
Streetwear KindaSorta (2016)
Versace V2033 (2016)
Sally Hansen To The Moon (2016)
Revlon Lilac Beam (2016)

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  • Samantha M

    I’m not surprised that Riotous Rose needs another shitload of thinner. I may have only used Restore in her, which, IMO, does not always precisely thin the base but makes it easier to spread. She (and her friends) looks SO much better in your lightbox.

    • Kaz

      Aww thank you! I’m so glad you sent these beauties to me!

  • Dana

    MAN THIS MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY. I haven’t swatches since before Ez was born….I’ve purged a lot but all the good ones I still have and LOVE. Sometimes going through all of it brings back so many memories. I will ALWAYS have such a love for vintage polish. Thanks for reminding me how awesome it is <3

    • Kaz

      I miss your blog but I absolutely understand how hard it can be with a kid! I am glad to have a little more time now that mine is getting bigger. If you ever want to guest post here just let me know!

  • Jimbo Homie

    hey girl, can you help me identify what are colors of nail polish the guys from Orgy are wearing on this video from 1998? streetwear or urban decay? UD twisted? thanks in advance, your blog rules! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwxMZaluA2Q

    • Kaz

      Haha thank you! Okay, so I have had a quick watch and late 90’s would probably place those colours in the Urban Decay/Hard Candy/Streetwear time. The blonde guitarist looks like he might be wearing Urban Decay Twisted (it’s a dirty champagne gold) and the singer has a gunmetal shade which could be anything from Urban Decay Stray Dog, Hard Candy Sex Pistol or Streetwear Gun Metal. I couldn’t see well enough on the other guitarist or bassist though!

      • Jimbo Homie

        thank you so much Kaz, you are the best!!! your comment made my day!! I can totally see Orgy guys backstage painting their nails with Urban Decay, lol! I’ll try to visit my mom soon and see if she saved some of my old nail polishes, they are mostly maybelline, revlon, Loreal from 1998 to 2001, if I still have them I will send you for your collection. Have a great new year and merry belated christmas! thanks again hun

        • Kaz

          You’re so welcome and that’s a very kind offer! <3