50 Polishes – Day Eight

I know, I know. I said I would have two posts today, but we’ll just have two to finish up tomorrow. It’s almost 11pm here and I’m still up writing notes about lip gloss formulations, so I have a good excuse for my tardiness I promise! I have a great bunch of polishes for you again today, and yes, three of the five are green. I just can’t help myself!!

Maybelline Electric Apple

36. Maybelline Electric Apple – This colour was on my long time lemming list until I was able to snap it up (cheap as too!) on eBay just over a year ago. I think it’s actually even featured in my Top 10 Polishes I hope to find in 2011 post, and you can probably see why. Although there is some minor visible brush strokes, I still absolutely adore it. It’s such a crazy in your face green. There should be more green polishes like this one in the world. Well done Maybelline.

Chanel Red Dream

37. Chanel Red Dream – Ahhhhhh Chanel, how I love thee. I’m not a brand snob by any means, but there’s just something silky and sensual about a Chanel polish. They *feel* like quality, and maybe that’s just in my head but Red Dream is no exception. This has got to be one of the most underrated Chanel shades that more people should be lemming and fighting over. The crimson jelly base with the fuschia and gold glass fleck is to die for. It’s hidden gems like this one that make being a vintage polish lover totally worth it.

L'oreal 445

38. L’oreal 445 – These Jet Set shades often have a bad habit of having no name, just a number. Poor little unloved 445. No one to name it, no one to love it. I love you 445, and I shall name you Fred. Fred is a deep mossy blue green with dense golden shimmer. It’s absolutely stunning, but you have eyes – you can all see that. I believe it might be in the same family as one of the China Glaze greens from Christmas last year (name escapes me) but Fred is a less crisp green – a bit murkier. If you see this one on your travels, snap it up fool! And don’t forget to give it a name.

Revlon Daring

39. Revlon Daring – It’s not often that I complain about a polish that I wear, especially in a post series where I am celebrating all that is rare and wonderful. Revlon Daring might be rare, but don’t be fooled by how pretty it is. This is one terrible polish. In fact, I bet the reason that it is so rare is because so many women gave up and threw it in the trash. The formula is watery and I had to do four coats to acheive opacity. Due to the watery nature of the formula, I also had to wait for each coat to completely dry before attempting the next one to avoid bald spots. Yuck. On the plus side though, it looks wicked in the bottle and the duochrome is pretty sweet. I guess you can stay, Daring. I guess you can stay.

Revlon Daring Revlon Daring

Nail Savvy Elegant Emerald

40. Nail Savvy Elegant Emerald – I belive this brand eventually just became Savvy and I have no idea how old this is. An eBay pickup for a couple of bucks about two years ago, Elegant Emerald would have made a killer mani for Australia Day. I have layered it over L’oreal 445 (aka Fred) and it looks smashing. The glitter is dense too – always a plus when it comes to glitter. Plus it’s green! Of course I love it.

Well there you go folks, one more day, two posts and ten polishes to go! Aaaand I’m off to bed!

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  • Lucy

    Your killing me here! All gorgeous polishes.  So love this series.  Never have seen any of these polishes.  Damn that I gave up wearing polish for years.  Missed so many great ones.  But then again I might have gotten ride of them.  Daring is a gorgeous shade.  Shame it’s such a pain.

    • Kaz

      Glad you’re enjoying my posts Lucy!

  • Kristy

    o.O  that Chanel is hot! looking forward to the next posts

    • Kaz

      Thanks doll!

  • 445 is a great polish – definitely earned the name Fred. 😛 Electric Apple is my kind of green, I love how it glows! I own a few vintage Nail Savvy glitters – they are fun! 

    • Kaz

      Oooh really? What colour are you glitters? I’d love to see them!

  • Ulmiel

    Wow, Red Dream is perfect! First Chanel colour that really hit me. Beautiful.

    • Kaz

      Really? Man, I have some other Chanel’s you should see 😉

  • Kaz

    It was so worth the hunt!