50 Polishes – Day Four

Gah! Quickly throwing this post together while I sit here with hair dye in my hair. I’m seeing Roxette tonight and I have so much running around to do before my big sister picks me up at one. I apologise if this entry is missing my usual dribble witty repartee.

Revlon Color Illusion Steel Magic

16. Revlon Color Illusion Steel Magic – This is another of my oldest polishes. There are so many great duochromes in the Color Illusion line, and I’m seriously thinking that this should be my next collection once I have found the last two Zings that I am looking for. Steel Magic shifts from purple through to green – check out this gorgeous bottle shot! Formula is thick and pigmented and almost looks kinda chromish. I have no idea what year this line was released, although I’m thinking late 90’s. The pic below shows a little more of the colour change.

Sally Hansen Batik Creme

17. Sally Hansen Batik Creme – I picked this one up from an eBay seller in the UK in late 2007 along with a lot of other completely amazing New Lengths colours. This one is subtle, yet striking. The shimmer is just beautiful. It reminds me of a less intense version of YSL Wintergreen (which I have, but haven’t swatched or worn yet!).

Lori Anne Heavy Metal

18. Lori Anne Heavy Metal – This polish is truly a party in a bottle. While I’d argue that it’s much more glam rock than heavy metal, you still can’t deny that it’s pretty rockin’. This is two coats over Pretty Serious Tux (OMG more shameless self promo). I don’t really know much about Lori Anne polishes – like many of these colours I just took a chance on eBay and it paid off. I have one other multi glitter that’s pretty awesome too.

Hard Candy Ghetto Girl

19. Hard Candy Ghetto Girl – I wondered why I never seemed to get caught up in the hype wave of Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud when it was released, but looking at Hard Candy Ghetto Girl, I think I know why. Perhaps in the back of my mind, I realised that I already owned something far cooler. Ghetto Girl seems more vibrant to me than Opulent Cloud. It’s just that little bit more violet and the gold shimmer is slightly more green. I adore it. Oh Hard Candy, you were indeed glorious.

Covergirl Nailslicks Mystic Peacock

20. Covergirl Nailslicks Mystic Peacock – Another of my first polish purchases. Mystic Peacock is a beautiful blackened teal green. Nailslicks was a fabulous line and I have a stack of them. But Mystic Peacock would have to be a highlight. It’s quite similar to Color Club Black Widow Green and OPI Jasper Jade and is still available to pick up on eBay for a decent price. I can see two bottles up there as of posting this for under five bucks!

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  • Margje

    I love these posts! So many nail polishes and brands I have never heard of (:

    • Kaz

      That was what I was hoping! I was really wanting to show you guys some stuff you’d never seen!

  • Caroline

    Lovely polishes, but more importantly, ohmygodyou’regoingtoRoxette!! I’m so jealous. I got their album Look Sharp (on cassette!) for my 10th birthday. Sheesh, I’m showng my age here…

    • Kaz

      They were seriously fantastic! Both 53 years old and you wouldn’t know it!! Per is still smokin hot too! LOL don’t worry, I’m an old timer too!

  • Kaz

    Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’m enjoying doing it! I’ve had most of these for so long and I’ve never even got around to swatching them!

  • Kaz

    Oh I tell you I danced my ass off! 😀

  • Kaz

    Hard Candy is a tough collection to build. I got lucky finding some huge lots on Yahoo Japan about three years ago. They don’t show up very often at all.

  • Kaz

    Never give up looking!

  • Lucy

    I think every day I’m seeing polishes that I’ve never saw before.  I’m loving it and am dead jealous! I finally got an ebay account but I can’t buy anything right now.  Crap! Glad you enjoyed the show.  Nothing like live music.

    • Kaz

      Haha that was the point! I really wanted to show you guys things you wouldn’t have seen before. No point in having a big stash if I can’t share it with all of you.

  • Lindsey R

    Yeah, and now I need Covergirl Nailslicks Mystic Peacock, lol! Great swatches:)

    • Kaz

      Thank you! The polish is a must have!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    Ghetto Girl is so much more awesomer than Opulent Cloud. I did not care for Opulent Cloud. I have neither of these, but if I were to choose it most def would be Ghetto Girl. Mystic Peacock is just too awesome for words.

    • Kaz

      I think it’s better but they could be identical and I’m just imagining it hehe. Mystic Peacock is a definite classic.

  • I’m so excited, I actually own one of these polishes! I have Mystic Peacock, I’ve had it for years and years and it’s friggin’ gorgeous!
    Umm, you’re kind of killing me with all these older colors that I’m wanting now.
    Which of the Zing colors are you looking for? Not that I’d have any better luck finding them than you’ve had, but you never know. I’ve been hunting for a backup for MangoZing forever, it’s one of my all-time favorite polishes.

    • Kaz

      I’m surprised I don’t see more posts about Mystic Peacock. It’s freakin amazing.

      As far as I know, I’m after MangoZing (you lucky duck!), CherryZing and at least one more European one. I don’t know the name but the code falls between two numbers that I have.

  • Kaz

    Thanks!! 😀