50 Polishes – Day One

So I had this idea… Now you’ll have to hang in there and stick with me because my ideas are not always great ones, but I think this one is so I’m going for it. I was putting some polishes away in my helmers and I found myself getting distracted by cool stuff I had forgotten that I owned in each drawer (oh the burdens of an enormous stash). About an hour had passed and I still hadn’t packed all my things away. In fact, I probably had more out of the helmers than when I started. That’s when I decided to pick out fifty of my rarest and most unusual polishes to show to you guys.

Now that I’m going to be back to blogging regularly, I decided that for the next two weeks (Mon-Fri) I’m going to pick five polishes to show you from that chosen fifty. Starting with these guys…

Hard Candy Candy Man Libido

1. Hard Candy Candy Man Libido – Why not start out with a bang! As if original Hard Candy polishes weren’t rare enough – Polishes from the Candy Man line are practically non existent. Libido is a metallic green that is brushstrokey as hell, but I kinda think it adds to the charm, giving it a kind of brushed metal look. For a green polish, I can definitely see this working on a guy. I have five of the seven Candy Man shades – Libido (as above), Cowboy (pale gold), Dog (purple duochrome), Oedipus (dark forest green) and Gigolo (blue grey). As far as I am aware I am missing Superman aka Superfly and Testosterone. The polishes were not a big seller (hence their rarity) as this article suggests, naming them one of the worst of 1997. Although innacurate as Sex Pistol was part of the regular line and I’ve never heard of a green called Mildew but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

Misa Burnished Bronze

2. Misa Burnished Bronze – Some of the most amazing polishes that I own are vintage Misa. I know very little about the age of these polishes – they have only seemed to turn up at a beauty supply in the UK but the quality is nothing short of amazing. Burnished Bronze was a later pickup for me, but after swatching it I have no idea why I waited so long to pick it up. The gold sparkle in the rich copper metallic is simply amazing. Although there are no more of this shade, the eBay seller I bought it from still has some other shades available.

NYX Las Vegas (Original)

3. NYX Las Vegas (Original) – Back in the day, NYX had a bit of a bad habit of changing the colour of a polish yet keeping the same name and code. I recall them doing so with a few shades, but the most memorable would have to be Las Vegas’s journey from a deep purple with scattered holo to a green jelly with green glitter. It makes no sense to me at all, but it also makes the original version of Las Vegas super duper rare. I’m not sure which one I prefer to be honest, but how hard would it have been to give it a new name!?

L'oreal Laquiresist Luxury

4. L’oreal Laquiresist Luxury – Out of all the polishes that I’m showing you today, I think this is one of the ones that I have had the longest. I’m quite sentimental towards this particular laquiresist shade. Back in the days of my nail newbdom I used to struggle to paint my nails nicely (proof positive that there’s something to be said for practice!), and Luxury is one of the first mani’s that I can clearly recall being very proud of. The colour is exquisite too – it may look like a creme at first glance, but there is a beautiful blue shimmer hidden within. There used to be a LOT of these on eBay all the time, but sadly – no more.

Sally Hansen New Lengths Tangy Beet Frost

5. Sally Hansen New Lengths Tangy Beet Frost – I’m utterly fascinated by this colour. I don’t know what it is exactly, I just love it. As you probably already know, the New Lengths line (well in this particular incarnation anyway) was discontinued some time ago. There were some really amazing New Lengths shades out at the time – I could spend a whole week just showing you those! But Tangy Beet Frost is one of the highlights. Even if it isn’t a frost at all.

That’s all for today! See you guys tomorrow! Hopefully by then I’ll be all caught up on replying to your comments from the last month!

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  • Lucy

    I’m excited to see these polishes.  Can’t wait to see all 50 of them.  Maybe I might have a rare one somewhere.  I doubt it.  Damn, if only I’d kept the polishes I had.  Oh well, I can enjoy looking at your stash.  Each polish is just gorgeous.  I’m really loving Burnished Bronze.  I believe my Las Vegas is the green jelly.  What idiots to put out a polish in different colors but the same name. 

    • Kaz

      Thanks Lucy! I know what you mean, I lost a lot as well. And very true! NYX are very silly indeed!

  • Lindsey R

    I love this! I’ve kind of gotten out of snatching up the newest collections and have gotten more into searching for old, rare polishes. Tangy Beet Frost is freaking gorgeous, btw!

    • Kaz

      That’s what I like to hear! A gal after my own heart! Good luck with your searches!

  • Oh man. My kind of two weeks! I’m so happy to see you’re back! I’ve tried to get my hands on Luxury on eBay, but the biddings are insane and the prices skyrocket too rich for my blood. Tangy Beet Frost – you will be mine. Oh, you will.

    • Kaz

      Aww man, really? That sucks. They were EVERYWHERE about five years back when I bought mine. Don’t give up!

  • Las Vegas is so gorgeous!

    • Kaz

      Both versions are!

  • Kaz

    Sometimes brush strokes are passable! I find that a LOT of old polishes have that property. Maybe it wasn’t as big a deal back then or maybe it’s the polish aging. Who knows?

  • Ulmiel

    Misa looks to die for. Amazing! I even don’t mind the brush strokes. 

    • Kaz

      It would be completely perfect without the brush strokes!

  • emmablossom

    Best. Idea. Ever. Girl, you should have quit your job years ago. 😉

    • Kaz

      I know! I should have had the idea to start my own business years ago too!

  • Great idea, I love me a bit of vintage polish.  Especiall love that LacquiResist, one of my oldest/favouritist polishes is a L’Oreal Jet-Set in the same bottle, a purple one, not sure I even know the name or if it had one.  I also have a few of those SH New Lengths too.  Most of my L’Oreals have separated big time but the NewLengths are great, if anything they seem to get thinner.

    • Kaz

      I have to agree, the formula on the old SH’s seems to hold up fabulously. Probably so chock full of chemicals you could mummify someone with it hehe

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