50 Polishes – Day Six

Firstly I just want to thank you all for your wonderful messages regarding the passing of my beloved pet bunny. I didn’t mean for it to overshadow my beautiful Brazilian polishes in my Saturday Swatch Party post, but I just couldn’t not mention him – he was a part of my family and you have warmed my heart with your messages of love and support. The nail community is truly phenomenal.

Enough of the mushy mushy though – time to get to the good stuff once again. We’ve reached day six!

Chelsea Psycho Green

26. Chelsea Psycho Green – Back when NARS Zulu was nothing more than a pipe dream for most of us nail loving gals, Chelsea Psycho Green was often touted as a suitable replacement. Although it is by no means a dupe, back then dark green shades were quite rare and this Chelsea polish was almost enough to let that NARS lemming slide. However, this Chelsea polish is by no means easy to find but those that were lucky enough often found it very cheap. Now I would say that Chelsea Psycho Green is much rarer than NARS Zulu. Isn’t it funny how things work out sometime?

Sally Hansen Black Cat

27. Sally Hansen Black Cat – Oh Sally. So close. So close! Black Cat is a Halloween polish from the mid to late nineties from a collection that also included polishes that to this day remain on my wish list such as Vampira and Midnight. I believe Yellow Fever (which I own) is also from this collection. It’s a black creme with scatted colour changing glitter throughout. This would have been perfect if the base was a little more jelly and the glitter a little more dense. But it’s pretty cool (and very rare!) nonetheless.

Bloody Mary Goth Green

28. Bloody Mary Goth Green – I have had this polish for SO LONG that I can’t even recall where I bought it. I wish I could though because this is exactly the kind of shade that needs a backup. Or five. Dirty greens were few and far between once Streetwear, Urban Decay and Hard Candy made thier exits from the market, so this polish for me was a god send. The fact that it has a blue duochrome is also an amazing bonus. This shot here better displays the shift. It’s kinda similar to the old Nubar Shock Sea Green.

L'oreal Wear Extraordinaire Blue Metal

29. L’oreal Wear Extraordinaire Blue Metal – This blue is so damn bright that I think I might need sunglasses to blog about it. I adore this shade and this exact shade of blue is pretty hard to come by. A lot of brands do a metallic royal blue, but few tend to reach the luminosity of thos old L’oreal.

China Glaze Wet Velvet

30. China Glaze Wet Velvet – I’m surprised that this colour doesn’t get more love. Everyone loves vintage OPI greens, and China Glaze Wet Velvet looks like OPI Real Teal and OPI Jasper Jade made sweet sweet love and made a sexy nail polish baby. Forgive the streakiness – my bottle does actually need more thinner, but this old China Glaze is most definitely worth the hunt.

I’m a day late with this post, so I’ll be back later this evening with my Day 7 post.

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  • And I thank you for creating more lemmings for me! Just when I think I’m getting caught up on my wish list…

    • Kaz

      Haha you’re welcome 😉

  • Konadlicious

    Peeing my pants over that Chelsea. Gorg.

    • Kaz

      It’s really unique huh?

  • Margje

    That China Glaze is beautiful! And Blue Metal too. Actually, all of these polishes are gorgeous! Just the kind of colours I like (:

    • Kaz

      Hehe me too! 🙂

  • Kaz

    I like the name too!!

  • Lucy

    Oh  my God, your killing me.  These are my favorite shades of polish.  Oh green polish how I love thee. 

    • Kaz

      I hear ya sista!!

  • Kaz

    I swear, that one frustrates me no end. I bought it SO cheap back when it was new. I should have bought backups. Argh I had no idea what I had!

  • Kaz

    I don’t know. I have some KILLER old Chelsea polishes. Kaleidoscope is awesome too.