50 Polishes – Day Ten

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I started this series of posts! Time has just flown, and now here we are with the last five shades. I’m a little sad that this series is coming to an end, but even though it’s been a lot of work, it’s been nice to look back on my blog and see so many recent posts! I really think I need to do this again in a couple of months. I am pretty sure that I can rustle up another 50 amazing and rare polishes from within the depths of my helmers.

For the last time (at least this time anyway) let’s get to the polishes!

Hard Candy AWOL

46. Hard Candy AWOL – This is probably the oddest, ugliest, rarest and most awesome of my green Hard Candy polishes. It’s not even quite an army green – it’s more of a sludge colour with a hint of silver shimmer. Odd and unique and as ugly as a bag of arseholes but I don’t know – I dig it. I dig it a lot. It’s like a pug. So ugly that it crosses that line into cute.

Essie VIP

47. Essie VIP – This is actually the second purple polish named VIP that I have featured, and both are pretty similar in shade. This is a really old Essie – No embossed bottle and no ‘e’ on the bottle cap. VIP was rare back when I started really collecting about five years ago, so it predates my knowledge. What I do know, is that this polish was created by Essie as a dupe for Chanel Metallic Vamp (Much in the same way that Starry Starry Night is a dupe for Chanel Ciel De Nuit). Side by side, I cannot pick a difference between the two.

Revlon Streetwear Monster Mash

48. Revlon Streetwear Monster Mash – I’ve already swatched a lot of my Streetwears in the past before, but I couldn’t get through this series without posting my absolute, hands down fave – Monster Mash. There are probably a lot of Streetwear shades much rarer than this one, (there are a lot that I have never even seen! Krypton? Totally Tarantula?) but I don’t think any of them are more incredible. The glitter is so bright and so dense – this was only two coats! This polish was part of the same collection as Costume Party and Oct 31st (both also awesome).

L'oreal Laquiresist Ocean

49. L’oreal Laquiresist Ocean – Yet another L’oreal polish, but how could I not include Ocean?! Ocean is a deep navy jelly loaded with silver blue glass fleck shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous. I used to see this on eBay (especially in the UK) all the time, but the supply seems to have dried up. If you can get your hands on it, I suggest you do so!

Covergirl Nailslicks Midnight Forest

50. Covergirl Nailslicks Midnight Forest – Finally, we have Midnight Forest. A gorgeous blackened grey green with a hint of blue duochrome. I picked this one up at the same time as Mystic Peacock, so I’ve had it practically forever. It’s not the prettiest colour, but it’s odd and quite beautiful in it’s own way, and I think it’s a nice way to finish off this little series.

The most common complaint that I get about this blog is that people don’t want to read because I show them so many things that they can’t have, which frustrates them. I’m the complete opposite – I love the thrill of finding something that I’ve been after for a long time. I love discovering new things and the instant gratification of just buying what’s new doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ve had things on my wishlist for close to six years now, but I don’t give up. Thankfully for me though (and the readership of my blog!) there are still a lot of people who get a kick out of the rarities that I post.

I can only hope that new bloggers and collectors find a love for vintage stuff, much as I have. A lot of bloggers that have been around as long as I have seem to be losing interest and moving into new things. I don’t want to be the only one left posting about such awesome hidden treasures! If you are into this kind of thing and have a blog, don’t get caught up in press releases and new collections – post about what you love! I can assure you that there are plenty of people out there that want to see it!

Especially me!

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  • Nixxy

    Sigh. Streetwear. I miss them so…

    • Kaz

      You and I both my dear…

  • And this is why I love you and your blog ?

    • Kaz

      Aww right back atcha!

  • I love that you do old polishes.  Whenever my wish list gets thin I come here to bulk it up!

    • Kaz

      Hahaha glad to be of service!

  • Lucy

    Streetwear oh why did I get rid of you? Toad, my favorite green polish of life.  Gone. AWOL is a gorgeous green.  You shouldn’t insult the poor thing.  I’m enjoying the hell out of these posts.  Other than Scrangie your the only other blogger that I read who posts these hard to find polishes.  I get sick of always seeing the same polishes over and over again.  I see the same new collections and yawn! I might not want to look for these or even want them but I still love to see them.  Glad you are still posting.  I’ve lost many bloggers since last year.  I’m not adding anymore.  Sometimes I just get tired of blogs.

    • Kaz

      I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Toad for you Lucy. If I ever stumble across another, it’s yours. Thank you for your comments (always) and I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed these posts.

  • Cathy @ More Nail Polish

    I love your old, HTF polish posts.  I always hope that you will post something and I will go, holy crap I have that old thing in my stash too. It hasn’t happened yet, as my stash of old things is only about 30 polishes, and mine are all gold (whereas yours are all green!)  I will pull out my oldies and do some posts too.

    • Kaz

      I can’t wait to see your golden oldies! (see what I did there! :D)

  • Kristy

    Ocean is soooooooo pretty

    I love that you post the rare polishes and I always look forward to your posts

    • Kaz

      Aww thanks hon! So nice of you to say 🙂

  • Kaz

    Thanks hon! I appreciated that. And a closet full of Streetwears! Yes please!!

  • Kaz

    Aww you slow clapped me! *high five*

    Thank you so so much for your kind words, they really mean a lot. <3

  • Kaz

    You’re welcome, and thank you for reading and commenting!!

  • Kaz

    Another green fiend hey?! Gotta love the greens!

  • Kaz

    I just realised your blog wasn’t on my blogroll. Ack! I’m so sorry! Adding it now. I’m so happy that you’re blogging about vintage! Yay!!! I feel like a proud momma.

    Thanks so much for making me feel like this is all worth it. 🙂

  • Kaz

    Thank you! Never give up though – I started with nothing and I have stumbled across a lot of these unexpectedly!

  • gemutlichkeit

    I love your old weird vintage polishes! It’s what I read for, especially the Streetwears. I would almost punch a baby for monster mash.

    • Kaz

      Hahaha OMG you just made me laugh so hard 😀

  • Kaz

    It’s definitely special!

  • I love this series! I have an oldie….Hard Candy Pixie. It was given to me by a friend and I treasure it! Keep showing us your oldies. Love them!

    • Kaz

      Aww that’s sweet! I do have pixie! Gorgeous glitter!

  • kat vizmuller

    This was an awesome series! Thanks for sharing these amazing colours!