50 Polishes – Day Two

Well here we go again! A few more HTF vintage weird and wonderful swatches direct from my helmers to you. I’m really excited about what I have to show you in the next few days, so let’s get this show on the road!

Naturistics Aura Pearl

6. Naturistics Aura Pearl – I’m telling you – this photo does this gorgeous polish absolutely no justice. I have a lot of Naturistics now (matching brush handles! Wheee!) and some of them have to be seen to be believed. A lot of people talk about polishes being lit from within – this one truly is. The reddish purple base looks amazing with the bright blue shimmer cascading through it. I’m pretty sure there are a couple of these on eBay right now quite cheap too! Bonus!

Nutra Nail Rappin'

7. Nutra Nail Rappin’ – Weird bottle shape? Check. Brand that no longer makes colour polish? Check. Green? Check. This Nutra Nail polish seems like it was sent from above, brushstrokes and all. It’s probably the brightest green chrome shade I’ve ever seen. The back label is quite worn, so I could be wrong about the name (please let me be wrong about the name). I have never seen another colour from this brand, nor do I have any idea how old it is. And it my book that makes Rappin’ cool. That didn’t come out right…

Chanel Palpitant

8. Chanel Palpitant – Did you really think I was going to get through one of the first ten without posting one of my Chanels? Really? The first one that I have picked is Palpitant. Released a long time ago (2001?) with Troublant, this is one wicked multichrome which makes me believe that Chanel have always had a hand in creating insteresting shades. If you’re looking for a dupe, I would suggest Nubar Iris Dust. (Nubar Moon Shadow is a dupe for Troublant too!) Click the thumbnails below for more shots of the colour shift.

Chanel Palpitant Chanel Palpitant Chanel Palpitant

Kleancolor Sonic Bloom

9. Kleancolor Sonic Bloom – I own a couple of Kleancolors from before they changed their bottle shape, but this teal jelly would have to be my favourite. It took four coats and even though it’s still not quite opaque I still think it’s lovely. I should have sandwiched a layer of glitter in there somewhere! Sadly, when Kleancolor changed their bottle shape, they also discontinued all of their old shades and I haven’t seen any of these since.

Rimmel Shocking

10. Rimmel Shocking – When it comes to old Rimmel shades that get a lot of love, Mania always seems to top the list. Zeitgeist gets a lot of love too, but I would have to say that Shocking is one of my favourite Rimmels. As old as the polish is, the formula is still lovely and the blue violet base with pink shimmer is definitely unique amongst my stash. I have another great Rimmel to show you later this week as well. Exciting!

I hope you’re all enjoying these swatches! Catch you tomorrow with 11 to 15!

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  • Kristy

    Loving these posts, Rimmel Shocking is beautiful

    • Kaz

      Thanks love! Wait till you see what else is in store!

  • Kaz

    Nice work! You won’t regret it!

  • Lucy

    Sonic Bloom is wicked cool! I’m really enjoying all of your swatches.  They’re all cool.

    • Kaz

      Thanks Lucy! Plenty more to come!

  • Kaz

    Ahh cool! Other than this one, a quick google search turned up a frosty blue and a pale gold. Not in this bottle shape though. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for more!

  • emmablossom

    I just love the thought of you sitting on your bedroom floor with each hand in a different helmer, searching for treasure. 

    • Kaz

      Haha yes, you know you’ve seen me do that before.

  • Kaz

    Its weird and wonderful huh? 🙂

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