7 Turquoise Items!

I got tagged by Nixxy and well, far be it for me to be a party pooper.

Here’s seven Turquoise things I was able to round up around my house.


We can take a more detailed look below.


Pebbles from the bottom of Fishie Fish Fish’s tank

Fishie Fish Fish was my first ever Siamese Fighting Fish. To say that he was a unit is nothing short of an understatement. Fishie ruled Castle Greyskull with an iron fin. He would want to fight anyone who came close to his tank glass (except for mum of course… mum brings the dinners). Betta’s are usually quite placid and friendly (provided theres no other betta’s around) but any tank mates we attempted to introduce for Fishie resulted in bloodshed, death and destruction. NOBODY was allowed on Fishie’s turf. Not those Mollies we put in there, or the neon tetras. He even killed the snail. Fishie passed a while ago, but I had him for two years which is quite a long lifespan for a betta. I kept all his tank trimmings, these pebbles being a part of that.


My Nanna’s 50’s/60’s Glass Vase

Isn’t it fabulous? Along with a never used 1968 Oroton purse with the Grace Bros proof of purchase still inside, this is one of the things of my Nan’s that I ended up with. Its by far my favourite vase, and I can remember admiring it as a child when I lived with my grandparents. I believe Nan bought it in the late 50’s early 60’s but I’m not sure where from. It’s currently holding the beautiful flowers that my boyfriend bought me for our anniversary.


Turquoise Peep Toe Pumps

For the life of me, I can’t remember where I got these. They appear to be blue in the photo – no matter what I did I couldn’t get them to photograph correctly. I’m super picky about shoes, especially when it comes to heel shape and these are simply perfection. I have an identical pair in black and white polka dots. I swear if I was rich this blog would be mostly about shoes and not nail polish.

LA Girls Tropical

LA Girls Flare – Tropical

Being the green polish nut that I am, of course I would have various shades of turquoise. This just happened to be the first one that I picked up. I haven’t worn or swatched it yet, but Stephs Closet has a fabulous pic of it, in fact that’s probably what caused me to buy it in the first place.


My Other Nan’s Brooch

This also isn’t photographing correctly. Damn you Nixxy! You had to pick the hardest colour! :)) This one belonged to my other Nan, and its one of my faves to couple with a cute cardigan and pencil skirt. I have a bunch of vintage brooches and the colours in this one are mesmerising.


My Scarf from Jen

This scarf was bought for me by my sister in law, Jen, and I have no idea why. My birthday and Christmas are both in warmer months so surely it wouldnt have been then. Regardless of why she bought it for me, I’m glad she did. It’s somehow cute and elegant at the same time and it looks great with a black or grey winter jacket. A splash of colour like this one is a nice way to warm up the colder months.

Halter Top

My Fabulous Halter Top

I would have taken a pic with it on, but seriously guys, you don’t want to see that much of my cleavage. I bought this top with the intention of wearing it to my boyfriend’s 30th last year, but it was just too much boob for an occasion where his parents would be present. Sadly, such is the problem with this top. I love it and the girls do look great in it, but I’m running out of occasions to wear it.

Gee, finding seven turquoise items wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’m supposed to tag people here, but I’m not entirely sure who to tag! :hehe:

Maybe I’ll get back to you all when I think about it and nominate a colour.

Puce? Beige? Feldgrau?

Don’t tempt me :hrmm:

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