A Bunch of New Gumleaf Mafiettes!

Everyone please welcome Ivy from

Smile Through It All

Also welcome to Michelle from

Lab Muffin

And also Alanna from

Pretty Purple Polish

Welcome to the family! Gumleaf Girls, please update your blogrolls! And don’t forget to check out these awesome blogs!

Do you have an Aussie Nail Blog yet aren’t a member of the Gumleaf Mafia? Contact me or any of the girls and we will give you the info!

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  • Thanks! I’m very proud to be part of this family 🙂

    • Kaz

      You are most welcome!

  • PtiteMeve

    Finally! I know what the gumleaf mafiette is about LOL
    I was too shy to ask 😛

    • Kaz

      Haha I never thought that I should probably explain that! 😀

  • Ashesela

    This badge is so cute!! XD

    • Kaz

      Yes it is, the artwork was created by the very wonderful Violet Le Beaux!

  • Thank you! 🙂 

    • Kaz

      You’re welcome!

  • kittensilks

    i have an aussie nail blog but i’m english would this disqualify me from becoming a member? my blog is the cat’s claws. http://www.kittensilksthecatsclaws.com

    • Kaz

      Of course not! I’ll send you an email with the details tomorrow morning 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was just updating the list and do I have the wrong link for Enamel Coated?? I’m getting messages that it’s no longer available 🙁

    • Kaz

      I think that blog might be gone. I plan to do some Gumleaf Mafia Spring cleaning in the coming weeks.

  • kittensilks

    have you sent the email yet? 

    • Kaz

      Indeed I did, on the 3rd. Did you get it?