A Day Late, But Here’s My First Shoesday Post!

You know what I love just as much as nails? Chocolate. You know what else? Shoes. I’ve recently discovered the awesomeness that is Brands Exclusive and Ozsale, so the amount of shoes that I’ve purchased in the last few months has increased exponentially.

Judging from the likes and comments on my Instagram pics (I’m bmoviechick! Follow me, yo!) I can tell that a lot of you gals love shoes too. So I’m going to share the pics of my wonderful collection with you! On Tuesdays! Therefore SHOESDAY. GENIUS, RIGHT? I’m trying to talk Carli from Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup into doing the same.

Apart from the last pair, these have all been purchased by me in the last two months. Aussie gals, if you haven’t signed up for Ozsale or Brands Exclusive, do it. I think the prices will surprise you. Unless you’re a US-AU9/EU40/UK7. Then don’t. Don’t sign up at all, you will hate it, I promise.

More shoes for me muhahahahaha!

1. Lavish ‘Connie’, Blue. RRP $79.95, purchased $15 from Brands Exclusive.
2. Le Vinci ‘Honey’, Black. RRP $79.95, purchased $24.95 from Brands Exclusive
3. Le Vinci ‘Harmony’, Black. RRP $79.95, purchased $24.95 from Brands Exclusive

4. FFC New York ‘Kate’, Black. RRP $99.95, purchased $19.99 from Brands Exclusive
5. Mollini Stargaze, Fuchsia. RRP $139.95, purchased $34.99 from Brands Exclusive. I also own these in black.
6. Bordello ‘Cheetah’, Blue. Birthday gift from boyfriend.

My beautiful Saba heels from Ozsale arrived today as well. $189.95 down to $39! Crazy! But more about them next Shoesday!

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  • Kristy

    These are all super cute shoes

    • Kaz

      And best of all, they didn’t break the bank!

  • The shoes… THEY are gorgeous! *smacks self*

    • Kaz

      Haha yes they are 😀

  • Konadlicious

    OK, I’m in!!

    • Kaz

      WOOHOO!! 😀