A Little Bit of Random

Hey guys, I’m feeling totally under the weather this evening so I’m afraid you’re in for a yet another “greatest hits” post from my flickr account, so apologies to those that have been here for a long time and have already seen this crap. Hopefully I’ll have some new swatches for the SSP tomorrow, but right now I can’t guarantee anything.


L'Oreal Plumage China Glaze Pin Prick
L’Oreal Plumage (for Scholarly Nail), China Glaze Pin Prick

Icing Money Talks Face Stockholm 86 (over Jordana Purple Rain)
Icing Money Talks, Face Stockholm 86 (over Jordana Purple Rain)

Chelsea Violets Galore China Glaze Paper Chasing
Chelsea Violets Galore, China Glaze Paper Chasing

Cele Petroleum Canmake 04
Cele Petroleum, Canmake 04

China Glaze Custom Kicks Bloom Jessica Mauboy II
China Glaze Custom Kicks,

OH OH before I forget, if you haven’t already liked my Pretty Serious facebook page, we’re almost at 600 likes (OMAHGAW!). When we reach 600, I’ll unveil another of our new nail shades. Or you know, sometime that day. Can’t do it if I’m sleeping.

ZzZzZzZzzzzzz so sick


(why don’t people use smilies anymore? I’m totally bringing back smilies)

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  • That Canmake (I’ve never heard of this brand) polish is stunning! I hope you feel better soon <3

    • Kaz

      I think it’s Korean? Not sure. But glad you like, and thank you! 🙂

  • Missy/Gnarly Gnails

    always love seeing your “crap” swatches!

    • Kaz

      hehe thank you!!

  • AHHHH I am dying over Plumage! One day it will be mine!! Lovely spam as always, and now I’m wondering why I don’t own Pin Prick yet!

    • Kaz

      Hehe Dana said the same thing! I hope you find Plumage too!

  • Kaz