You Won’t Judge Me If I Buy Ten Backups Of China Glaze Atlantis Will You?

Good, because I am looking at my one lone bottle and beginning to fear that my life just might be over when I use it all up. I can only sit on my hands for so long. I will have… to order… from somewhere….

China Glaze Atlantis over NARS Purple Rain
China Glaze Atlantis over NARS Purple Rain

I randomly picked out this combo and slapped it on before my date with Emma last weekend (more on my date later. She brought me Illamasquas!) and even though I had planned on fishing Atlantis (lol pun) out of my untrieds for a while due to the fact that I have been perving on Joe Flanigan watching an episode of Stargate Atlantis each night with dinner, but I had NO idea I would love it that much.

The polish, not Joe. Okay well maybe Joe too.

China Glaze Atlantis over NARS Purple Rain
China Glaze Atlantis over NARS Purple Rain
Alternate Lighting

Seriously. Wow. I’m wearing this over NARS Purple Rain – which is beautiful in its own right but I discovered that it is a bang on dupe for China Glaze Let’s Groove. Slightly disappointing since I dropped so much bank on the NARS, but who knew? Now I have a backup. Two coats of Atlantis with a coat of Orly In A Snap over the top dried it quickly and it was only slightly bumpy. Definitely not bumpy enough for me to pick it off. Love love looooooove. I need like a thousand of these. An army of Atlantis backups.

I’m wearing BB Couture Night Ops at the mo. Seriously fighting the urge to slap a coat of Atlantis over it when I get home.

So in other news, I stumbled on to these new Jordana polishes on the eeeeebeh.

Jordana Glitter

Jordana Glitter

No idea if they are new or not, I just assume they are. The Jordana website is way out of date and these are not on there.

Admittedly, they may or may not have some sort of Twilight theme and I did buy them from a seller names “Bedazzled By Twilight” or something to that effect.

Don’t judge me.

OH and while I remember, WTF is up with shipping costs from Nordstroms to Australia? :wut:
They wanted to charge me $81.00 to ship ONE LIPSTICK. (If you’re wondering it was Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass in Rouge Broderie. HOT.) Now I can handle the $31 price tag on the lippie, but that shipping is ridonkulous! Shame Nordies! I’m gonna have to find myself a mule!

That’s all for now. Hopefully back later with more swatches.

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  • Funny, I have Atlantis and worn it several times – yes, and I have a backup for it, also, because I’ve caught myself staring down at my nails more times than I can count – but I’ve never layered it.
    Now I’m gonna have to.
    It’s so strange to me that although I’ve seen several types of Jordana products in my drugstores, I’ve NEVER seen a polish. What a shame, those look amazing!

  • 10 backups? Sure I won’t judge, not within your earshot at least:hehe:

    I’ve got Purple Rain a few days ago after seeing tons of gorgeous pictures. But after I swatched it, I had the same disappointment. It is totally Let’s Groove!

    And I love the combo, definitely will try it some time. If I end up itching for 10 backups too, I will hate you till the day I die:nyer:

  • :laa: Atlantis is my all time fav for now…nothing tops it…nothing.

  • Oh great, another lemming! I agree shipping to Australia (from anywhere really) sucks!

  • ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. This is definitely going on my next order for polish. =D

  • SalvagedExpression

    I just got a backup of it actually and now you’re making me want another!

  • Oh my god, it looks AMAZING over Purple Rain! I have Atlantis and I love it, but have never thought of layering it over a dark purple polish! gorgeous! xo

  • Wow this looks awesome! I have CG Lets Groove, so all I need now is Atlantis and I can stare at my nails all day! 😀

    Btw, that shipping price for the lippie is absolutely ridiculous!! I hate when sites overcharge!


  • L.

    I won’t judge you! If you love it get a back-up =) Just ask Eve and her box of AA’s I bet all of them would say “If you love it HOARD IT!!” :bounce:

  • emmablossom

    Yay, date mani! You guys, that mani was so hot that cake magically appeared on our table, out of nowhere (definitely not because we ordered it). I’m serious. ChG Atlantis is a CAKE MAGNET.

    And gee, wouldn’t that look pretty damn dreamy over, I don’t know, maybe Illamasqua Muse? Hubba hubba!

  • That’s so amazing, I have to try this with Let’s Groove!
    (I’m more of a McKay girl myself, btw.)

  • Kaz

    Nicole – We have Jordana Polishes here, but they are generally pretty snooze inducing. Nothing like these ones!

    Kada – If I don’t hear it, that’s fine with me! Yeah, the whole PR/LG thing was a bummer, but live and learn!

    Elizabeth – You have good taste :awe:

    Toxin – Sorry!! :drool: Shipping is terrible, both ways – in and out of Oz. I wish there was some alternative!

    Anstah – You won’t regret it!

    SalvagedExpression – Never too many backups!

    Caitlin – I reckon it would rock over Navy blue as well! Or Red!… Hmmm must try!

    Krissy – I know that’s like $78 profit? Scam. And you need Atlantis! Chop chop!

    L. – I think Eve is my hero haha

    Emma – Oy you sexy bish! Cake Magnet!! 😀 LOVE! Oooooh MUSE. Good call.

    CucumPear – Rodney?! Cha’sif! Rodney ain’t got nothin on Shep! x3

  • Lani

    Ooo, I have a Jordana polish that looks like it could be related – it’s a blackend red jelly with red glitter called Spooked.
    Also, found this and thought of you: