Obligatory Birthday Post!

I have indeed backdated this, but only because I wanted to photograph the goodies I got for my birthday before I posted it.

Yesireee bob, I turned 27 on the 13th October. I know that probably makes me officially “too old” to laugh at juvenile humour and have hundreds of bottles of nail polish. BUT GUESS WHAT? I don’t care. :hmpf:

Tangent. I asked a friend to guess how many polishes she thought I had – she thought for a moment before saying 127.


Err. No.

I told her it was well over 1500 (havent counted in aaaages) and her first reaction was “What? WHY? You’ll never use it all!”

Why is that always people’s first reaction? Maybe I dont want to use it all. Maybe I like looking at the pretty bottles! Maybe I AM crazy. Maybe you smell. We could go on for hours.

FACT. A Helmer makes your stash look convincingly smaller than it is. Invest in one. Or four.

Birthday. Yes. I remember.


I had lunch with the incomparable King_Hiss at the wharf. He brought me Oporto and Bubble Tea. Much love.


Perhaps I should have been breakdancing. No? Next year. My shoes are nice.


Click Below

Bordello Cheetah

Bordello Cheetah shoes in blue. Shwing!

Sweet Romance Indigo Moon

Sweet Romance Indigo Moon Brooch. Matching earrings are also en route.

Sweet Romance Purple Heart

Sweet Romance Purple Heart Necklace. LOVE.


Red Dawn & Midnight Movies Documentary. I’m the biggest dork for Movie docos! Red Dawn was a six buck throw in.


FINALLY. TNA DVD’s released in Australia! Since the hiring of Stevie Richards, I have become an avid TNA watcher. BF and I took a sickie to watch Slammiversary. Good times.


Hot Rod (So…Much…EUROPE!!), Labyrinth & Transformers! Lion’s version of the Transformers theme is so badass it will blow your MIND!

AND I had polish packages from lovely ladies arrive for my special occasion also!

Hard Candy

Envy, Lava & Sweet P!


Sally Hansen Violet Frost, CM Dream Forest, Sinful Volcanic & Chanel Jade!

Chanel Jade

Lets us git another look at that tharr Chanel…


China Glaze Fortune Teller, China Glaze Spellbound, Lippmann Superstar

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Fashion Forward, Purple Heart, Project Runway

What a haul! Thanks to everyone who tweeted, messaged, called and facebooked to wish me a happy bday. I had a great day! :dance:

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  • Lucy

    :cookie:Happy Birthday to you! If your old, I’m freakin’ ancient! My birthday is the 21st. That’s some fantastic haul.:yes: Those heels and snearkers are gorgeous. Love that jewelry. Lucky you getting the Chanel polish. I didn’t even want it till I started seeing all the pictures. Now it’s way too late. I’m hoping someone will find a dupe of it. You must have had a fabulous birthday. Glad you did.:>>

  • Happy belated birthday!

    I just wanted to drop a line and say that I am in awe of what I have seen of your collection so far (very little, mind you)!

    Your blog is awesome and not just because of the nail polish. I’m glad I stumbled upon it some how :yes:

  • Oooh – your birthday is two days after mine. And if you’re too old to laugh at juvenile humour at 27, then at 38 I’m so far past it I’ve come back round again.

    Also, those beautiful, beautiful Bordello shoes? I totally blogged about them a couple of months back. They. Are. Beautiful. What’s your shoe size? Cos if you decide that actually you don’t like them very much I’ll totally take them off your hands! O_o

    Happy (belated)birthday, your birthday haul is amazing.

  • Kaz

    Thanks Lucy & Jess!

    Selina – Ooh! Happy Birthday fellow Libran!

    The Bordello’s are amazing! I’m a 9, but I don’t think I can see myself giving them up! :hehe:

  • Joe

    Nothing like making the workday flyby while watching vids online 🙂 Awesome blog by the way..