Bottle Spam Sunday & Link Love

Today, it’s all about Misa! While Misa is guilty of more than a few yawn worthy collections, not to mention questionable looking promotional photos, but throughout my time as a nail polish collector, they have really hit a few right out of the park. I’m behind on my Misa lemmings – I want to pick up a few more from the 2010 What I Like About You collection and most of the 2011 Surreal Escape collection! Poisoned Passion (Fall 2008) still remains one of my all time favourite collections. If you haven’t tried Misa, you should give them a try!

Here’s my small, but beautiful Misa stash!

Dreamy Purple A Sin Worth Committing
Dreamy Purple (Collection Unknown), A Sin Worth Committing (Poisoned Passion 2008)

Toxic Seduction Forbidden Lust
Toxic Seduction (Poisoned Passion 2008), Forbidden Lust (Poisoned Passion 2008)

Confection Section Sweet Pleasure
Confection Section (Sugar Sugar 2008), Sweet Pleasure (Sugar Sugar 2008)

Candy Girl Pour Me Something Tall and Strong
Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar 2008), Pour Me Something Tall and Strong (Look On The Bright Side 2008)

Daylily Spinning Out of Control
Daylily (Collection Unknown), Spinning Out of Control (What I Like About You 2010)

Silk Robe The Grass is Greener On My Side
Silk Robe (Collection Unknown), The Grass is Greener On My Side (Look On The Bright Side 2008)

Blueberry Glaze Fatal Affair
Blueberry Glaze (Collection Unknown), Fatal Affair (Poisoned Passion 2008)

That’s all of my modern Misa’s! Now on to the Link Love! I missed last weeks Link Love so there may be a few more here than usual!

Check out the great swatches of Sportsgirl Nail It Phoenix from our newest Gumleaf Mafiette @ Glossy Lacquer

Gabrielle talks about the Nail Blogging Trifecta – Camera Skills, Perfect Nails and Perfect Application and the blogs that have them @ The Edge of Sanity

Kristy has me salivating over Essie Groovy Grape @ The Polish Haven

Carli is still on her black nail kick, rocking Nubar Knights Armor like it was made for her @ Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup

Alanna has hands down, the best swatch of Picture Polish Peacock that I have seen! @ Pretty Purple Polish

Dana found Streetwear Oct 31st in a THRIFT STORE!! AMAZING! Check out her killer layering combo @ Polished Claws Up!

Mish brings out the multichrome love in my heart with a gorgeous Ludurana @ Nail n Dazzle

This could be the prettiest foil I have ever seen! Check out Foil Focus Friday @ Walk In My Eyeshadow

Zoya Rica and Tanzy could not look more enticing @ Goose’s Glitter

Remember how gorgeous Nubar Earth was? Check out this post for a reminder @ Caitt’s Nails

OPI Spotted! Over Neons! Freaking awesome! @ More Nail Polish

Stef knocks my socks off with an amazing Urban Decay – China Glaze combo @ Steffels

I’ll be going on a manhunt for China Glaze Man Hunt after these shots! @ Polish Insomniac

And finally, here are this weeks (fortnight’s?) Pretty Serious reviews!

Kaz reviews our VT100 & BSOD combos after winning our Pinterest comp! @ Parisian Blue Sky

Kelly gives us gorgeous pics and her thoughts on our Hello World! nail collection @ Vampy Varnish

Phyrra puts together an amazing look with BSOD, CGA and Forbidden Fruit Loose Shadows @ Phyrra

Nixxy finds a reprieve from the dreaded ‘Witchy Hands’ with Tux! @ Nixxy’s Nails

And last, but most certainly not least – Scrangie gives us an amazing, in depth review of the Hello World! nail collection! @ Scrangie

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  • Kaz

    Dude – The Poisoned Passion and Sugar Sugar collections are amazing. Check em out!

  • I think I’ll have to get some of those purple Misa’s. They look so pretty! Thanks for the link love. 🙂

    • Kaz

      You should! Misa is so underrated!

  • I don’t have any Misa’s either!! Your Misa stash is HOT!!!! I want D: 

    • Kaz

      Wow, it’s funny how Misa has really fallen out of the spotlight in the last few years! Seems like no one has them anymore!

  • MariJo Nails

    Forbidden Lust is one of my favorites!! Such a stunning polish!! I need more Misa polishes ASAP.

    • Kaz

      You and me both, doll. I’d love to fill the gaps in my Misa collection!

  • Joanne Ting

    Thanks for the Link Love <3 Where can I buy Misa's? They look so niceeee!

    • Kaz

      You’re welcome! You can get Misa’s from Head 2 Toe Beauty or Transdesign. (Online) That’s where I used to buy mine. Never seen Misa in Aus stores.

      • Such a shame that so many good brands are hard to find or not even stocked in Australia 🙁

        • Kaz

          Tell me about it! I’d kill to be able to buy Nails Inc here.

  • Misa is one of my favorite brands, yet I don’t own that many of them!! Of the recent collections, Toxic Seduction is probably my favorite. Such a gorgeous, deep, shimmery green! I have been meaning to pick up a few from the duochrome-grey color collection (name is escaping me at the moemnt).

    • Kaz

      My Misa’s are limited too, but I have most of the ones I love. Toxic Seduction is indeed gorgeous!