Bottle Spam Sunday & Link Love

I’ve chosen my Essie bottles for Bottle Spam Sunday today – turns out I underestimated the size of my Essie collection, so this entry might be a little photo heavy. Modern Essie is a little hit and miss for me – Every collection seems the same. Five ‘safe’ colours and then a green or a blue. Seems like they do mostly cremes now too. I miss their shimmers and glitters. My Essie wishlist is quite small these days. I’m really only missing Starry Starry Night, Asian Amethyst, Grass Green, Ticker Tape and Streamers. I’m sure I’ll track them down eventually! Here’s what I have though.

Mesmerize Coat Azure
Mesmerize (Spring 2009 – now core), Coat Azure (French Affair 2011)

Smooth Sailing Lapis of Luxury
Smooth Sailing (Braziliant 2011), Lapis of Luxury (Resort 2011)

Splash of Grenadine Turquoise & Caicos
Splash of Grenadine (Resort 2011), Turquoise & Caicos (Resort 2011)

Going Incognito Pretty Edgy
Going Incognito (Winter 2011), Pretty Edgy (Summer 2010)

Trophy Wife Dive Bar
Trophy Wife (Core), Dive Bar (Core)

Greenport Shelter Island
Greenport (North Fork 2009), Shelter Island (North Fork 2009)

Essie Bright Tights Pink Parka
Bright Tights (Cuddle with Color 2009), Pink Parka (Cuddle with Color 2009)

Sexy Divide Viva La Vespa
Sexy Divide (Winter 2008), Viva La Vespa (Unknown – 2003 or earlier)

Shine of the Times Confetti
Shine of the Times (Luxeffects 2011), Confetti (Japanese LE 2008)

Love, Beverly Hills Ruby Slippers
Love, Beverly Hills (Limited Edition 2009), Ruby Slippers (Holiday 2005)

Night Cap VIP
Night Cap (Unknown – 2003 or older), VIP (Unknown – 2003 or older)

St Martin Mint Dominica Green
St Martin Mint (Unknown – 2003 or older), Dominica Green (Unknown – 2003 or older)

Barbuda Banana
Barbuda Banana (Unknown – 2004 or older)

Now on to the link love!

Dana reviews one of the shades from my much loved Revlon Color Illusion Line @ Polished Claws Up

Kelly reviews the upcoming Misa Wanderlust collection @ Vampy Varnish

Now I remember why I love China Glaze DV8 so much! @ The Polish Insomniac

Speaking of holos, Kirsten brings out an old fave – OPI Blue Moon Lagoon @ Glitta Gloves

Gabrielle takes a look at the Chanel Essentials collection @ The Edge of Sanity

Kristy is celebrating one year of The Polish Haven with a giveaway! Congrats! @ The Polish Haven

I can’t believe I still haven’t bought the Nails Inc Sprinkles collection! @ The PolishAholic

And speaking of Nails Inc, Scrangie adds two more to my ever expanding wishlist! @ Scrangie

Only one review this week, but Phyrra does a wonderful job of swatching shadows, glosses and polishes from the Hello World! Collection @ Phyrra

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friends! I’m off to go catch up on comments and emails!

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  • MQ

    Viva la Vespa & confetti, wow! Whyyy Essie don’t make colors like these anymore? :/

    • Kaz

      I have no idea. They used to be so great at jeweltone shimmers!

  • Kaz

    I did own it a few years back, but I gifted it to a lovely lovely friend. I don’t regret that one bit.

  • BlueFlameBeauty

    I love those beautiful photos of yummy colors. I had never seen Confetti before. Another one I’m going to wish for.

    Starry Starry Night. I wish they would re-release it. I’ve searched high and low for ages from city to city like many others have. I would be really happy if everyone who’s been wanting one could finally have a bottle of their own. They get so high on Ebay I get worried if what’s in the bottle is really the real thing.

    Come on Essie, hear our call lol. Just turn on the SSN making machines and fill our voids.

    • Kaz

      I know what you mean. It’s not like the pigment is unavailable or it would be too hard to make. Essie never really listens to their consumers though. I’d also love to see them bring back Dominica Green!

  • Kaz

    Oh man, I know. And it would totally stop the scalpers from selling them at a huge profit. NARS made the right decision with Mash and Zulu. But I don’t think Essie care as much about the little consumers like us as opposed to big retail and salons.

  • sardoodledom

    I wear pretty edgy at least once a month. I’d die if I ran out of it.

    • Kaz

      I need to crack it out more often, it’s beautiful!