Bottle Spam Sunday & Link Love

AND IT’S WEDNESDAY. I am such a loser rebel.

To be perfectly honest, I broke a nail so I can’t swatch and I decided it would be best to play catch up with some stellar bottle shots instead. I’ve fished my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Glitters out of the Helmers o’ Doom for you today. It’s such a shame that this level of greatness is a thing of the past for old Sal. Bring back the coloured caps I say! Get funky!

Sally Hansen Star Sapphire Sally Hansen Shimmer Sally Hansen Black Cat
Star Sapphire, Shimmer, Black Cat

Sally Hansen Emerald City Sally Hansen Magnet Sally Hansen Hologem
Emerald City, Magnet, Hologem

Sally Hansen Trick or Treat Sally Hansen Slime Sally Hansen 3-D
Trick or Treat, Slime, 3-D

Sally Hansen Ruby Slippers Sally Hansen Cyber Sally Hansen Jack-O-Lantern
Ruby Slippers, Cyber, Jack-O-Lantern

Sally Hansen Dazzling Sally Hansen Wired Sally Hansen Yellow Fever
Dazzling, Wired, Yellow Fever

Sally Hansen Dazzle Frost Sally Hansen 14 Karat Sally Hansen Skeleton
Dazzle Frost, 14 Karat, Skeleton

Sally Hansen Sonar Sally Hansen Nuclear Sally Hansen Witches Brew
Sonar, Nuclear, Witches Brew

Sally Hansen Diamond Dust Sally Hansen Shine Sally Hansen Radar
Diamond Dust, Shine, Radar

Mish shows us the many colours hiding in one of my favourite ever Nubars – Moonshadow @ Nail’n Dazzle

Cathy unveils the stunning new Picture Polish shade that she designed! @ More Nail Polish

We get a glimpse of the most expensive polish ever @ Scrangie

Holy moly, these Make Up Forever Black Tango polishes are amazing! @ The Scholarly Nail

Stef makes me glad I picked up L’oreal Majestic Green @ Steffels

I love how Gab shows off polishes that no one else does. Check out the gorgeous Shu Uemura Celestial Gardens collection @ The Edge of Sanity

Ahh Mania. You are a king among kings @ Polished Claws Up

Check out these beautiful shots of Forbidden Fruit @ The Polish Haven

And finally, VT100 get’s the Swatchaholic treatment and the results are stunning @ The Swatchaholic

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  • Scrangie

    asdkjfhadjkfhasfhkjfhdiu @_@

    • Kaz

      Bless you, my child 😛

  • Justasachildof10mightact

    I want to be buried with my Slime. But, TBH, not all of them seem that original anymore, with all the indies and stuff. I do love the bottles, the Halloween theme and the air of vintage that they have. 😉

    • Kaz

      I agree in a sense – there is a LOT more out there now than there was when these babies were the hot ticket, but I love that they are so out there for their age. You’re right. The vintage air has such appeal!

  • I am proud to say I have a good number of these! YAY! My lil vintage collection is a growin! Slime, Witches Brew, and Skeleton, & Trick Or Treat. YOU WILL BE MINE! Thanks for the link love once again! <3

    • Kaz

      Yay!! I hear you even have a couple that I don’t have. Spooktacular!! HOMG GIRL.

  • Kaz

    You’re welcome lovely! Aww don’t worry about Trick or Treat, I know you’ll find another one day. Good things come to good people.

  • April Croft

    Oh my goodness I loooove these especially black cat, slime and skeleton! How are your bottle shots so perfect and professional? 😀

    • Kaz

      Just good lighting and lots of practice! And thanks!

  • sardoodledom

    I had Magnet and Sonar back in 1997 when I was in 8th grade. My favorite polishes back then.

    • Kaz

      97, that’s probably the year they were released! Thanks again for the info!