Bottle Spam Sunday & Link Love

Hey gorgeous thangs! It’s been a while. I’ve managed to find an hour or so tonight while my boyfriend is finishing up Gears of War 3 (it’s pretty epic) so I thought I’d throw together a bottle spam post. By the way, totally unrelated, but Caramel Cookie McFlurries kick all kinds of ass.

China Glaze

China Glaze Crimson, It’s Alive, Near Dark, Haunting


Zoya Yara, Neeka, Jem, Anja, Cynthia


Nury 036, 026, 040. I found these hiding away in an Ice store (horrid clothing chain) at 3 for $5.


Guppy 8, 16, 1, 14, 13

Revlon, China Glaze, Maybelline

Revlon Laser Lavender, China Glaze Cat’s Eye, Maybelline Copper Chick. I picked this amazing lot up from eBay store Boulder Creek Boutique

OPI Ulta

OPI I’m an Aqua-holic, How You Blue-in?, Sparkle Teal Sunrise, Glitter-ally The Best Silver Ever. Also from Boulder Creek Boutique!


Dreams Glamtastic, Unseen Destiny. These were gifted to me as a surprise from the lovely Gab from The Edge of Sanity.


Skinfood Deep Sea Party, Seaweed Party

There’s still so much more to post, but I think I’ll save some for next week!

Check out this amazing franken @ The Polished Perfectionist

Speaking of frankens, this terrific teal lives up to it’s name @ The Polish Haven

One of my fave Sally Hansen’s ever and some great layering @ Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup

Fabulous Zoya swatches that make me glad I grabbed these @ Also Known As…

Scrangie swatches the super exciting Misa Surreal Escape Collection @ Scrangie

Gab makes me very excited about the Castledew brand @ The Edge of Sanity

The Ulta3 Spring/Summer collection looks amazing! @ More Nail Polish

Two gorgeous Butter London shades @ Honest Babes

Stef connects the dots with amazing results @ Steffels

Down the Rabbit Hole has certainly found a loving home @ PerryPie’s Nail Polish Adventures

Phew! That’s my list for this week. I really need to update my blogroll and poll and do some housekeeping around here! Hopefully this week will provide some time.

And finally, allow me to dork out for a minute with some great news. My favourite video game EVER would have to be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. If you follow my tumblr, you likely already knew that. Today the latest game – an epic crossover with Level 5’s Professor Layton for the 3DS was confirmed for release outside of Japan.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I need this game. Anyone else have a 3DS?

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  • Ulmiel

    Love your bottle shots. And wow, I finally have some at that you posted, that’s something new, usually I’m just adding them to wl. 😉 Oh, btw, I think thanks are in order. I saw the Beetlejuice sweater on your tumblr and well … have been watching the cartoon for the past two days basically for hours. I’ve already forgotten all about it, and when I saw beetlejuice on the picture I just *had* to see an episode or two. Awesome!

    • Kaz

      Haha yes I have been picking up a lot of recent stuff as of late!

      I can’t tell you how much I love the Beetlejuice cartoon! I wish they would hurry up and release them on DVD!

  • Lucy

    You always find the most fantastic polishes.  You have excellent polish radar! Glad you’ve posted again.  Hope it will be soon again.

    • Kaz

      Aww thank you! 🙂 Hopefully my posts will get back to normal now.

  • Kitties26

    Best ever bottle pics (as always!)  I need to enroll in your Bottle spam photography skills 101 course!  Also, I’ll totally dork out with you on my 3DS. Just finished Zelda 3D. I have all the Professor Layton’s but have not played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – off to find on ebay now.

    • Kaz

      Aww thanks lovely!

      Yay! Another 3DS owner! I don’t have Zelda 3D yet. I have been playing the Sims and Street Fighter IV. Oh man, you NEED to play Ace Attorney! Such an amazing, addictive game!

  • jazt

    From my tweets I think we’ve established I am so pumped for this Phoenix Wright, so I’ll be buying a 3DS for Christmas just for it (and maybe Zelda). How I’ve held out for this long surprises me as I’ve had a Nintendo since Gameboy Pockets were out, love Nintendo!

    I’m also pretty impressed with those blue OPIs, gorgeous!

    • Kaz

      Yes you have! 😀 I love my 3DS already – I’m going to need to have it surgically removed from my hands once the new Phoenix Wright comes out!

  • Crystal

    Gorgeous! What’s the name of the sparkly red Revlon?

    • Kaz

      Oh I didn’t realise I left that out. It’s Crimson Shimmer.