Bottle Spam Sunday & Link Love

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to all of you for your wonderful supportive comments and well wishes on my last post. I’m so grateful for all of you, and I’m going to do my absolute best to make sure that my polishes and makeup are available worldwide. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress via Pretty Random, but you can also follow Pretty Serious on Twitter or Facebook.

For Bottle Spam Sunday today, I thought I’d fish back through my twitter for some discontinued goodies. Enjoy!

Covergirl Crackles

Covergirl Crackles in Smashed Pumpkin, Electric Shock & Fire Crackle

Loreal Laquiresist

Loreal Laquiresist Dark Star, Supernova, Venus

Rimmel Star Trek

Rimmel Star Trek (DIA!! XD)

Louis Vuitton Gold

Louis Vuitton Gold

Bloom Mena

An original bottle of Bloom Mena. Sucks that they changed the formula.


Rimmel Arresting, Electric Ballroom, Mania

Hard Candy

Hard Candy Cry Baby, Mermaid, Sissy, Sushi, Sky, Mint, Greed, AWOL, Pea Soup. One of these days I’ll finish Part 3 of my Old Hard Candy Posts.

Barry M

Vintage Barry M 217, 213, 238

Hardy Candy Candy Man

Hardy Candy Candy Man Oedipus, Gigolo, Dog, Libido, Cowboy

Essie Confetti

Essie Confetti

Jacie reviews an amazing Skin Food glitter @ You’ve Got Nail

Karianne makes me REALLY look forward to the arrival of my Muppets glitters @ Neglelakkmani

Kristy may have changed my mind about passing on OPI DS Temptation @ The Polish Haven

Em shows us a wonderful Picture Polish polka dot mani @ Nails in the Desert

Scrangie shows us her chunky pumpkins (hehe)T @ Scrangie

Kitties26 blows me away with brazilian Hits Holographic Hera @ More Nail Polish

Amber Ruby like you’ve NEVER seen it before @ Goose’s Glitter

Trincess celebrates the second birthday of Emerald Sparkled with one of the cutest mani’s EVER @ Emerald Sparkled

Suggrr addresses the OPI Nicki Minaj controversy AND shows us gorgeous new Stila polishes and Lippmann minis! @ Honest Babes

These close up shots of the new Wet & Wild glitters have me DROOLING @ The Polish Insomniac

Happy rest of the weekend everyone! Hopefully I can slip back into a regular posting schedule soon! Oh well, at least you all know why I’m so busy now!

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  • emmablossom

    One day, Mania. One day you will be mine. Mwahahahaha!

    • Kaz

      You don’t have Mania?

      GURL. I had an extra bangin around for AGES. Got rid of it not that long ago. You need to tell me these things!

      • emmablossom

        I don’t remember seeing an extra when we last organised your stash. I have a good memory for your stash. And for other things about you. 😉

        • Kaz

          That’s because it was downstairs in the study, my dear 😉

  • Kaz

    To be honest, I haven’t tried them in a long time! I had a yellow and a blue that worked okay about four years ago, and they weren’t new then.

  • Kaz

    Star Trek is hard to swatch, REALLY jelly. Arresting is beautiful, I must take photos. I have a lot of really cool discontinued Rimmel. I should do a post on it.

  • Dia

    You know my heart skips a beat every time I see that polish!! Arresting is pretty, too. Those green Hard Candies slay me every time. But yes, TREK. *sighs dreamily* 😀

    • Kaz

      If I ever see another bottle somewhere I am so snagging it for you.

  • Lucy

    Love your bottle spam.  I’ve never seen a one of htese swatched.  Love to see these on some nails! Gorgeous polishes.

    • Kaz

      Thanks Lucy! I gotta get my nails back into swatching shape first!!

  • Anonymous

    Oooh Mania! LOVE that one! I wish they would bring it back so I get a bottle of it along with Star Trek! 

    • Kaz

      Yes those two are two of their best!

  • wow, look what happens when I get a job… one of my favorite girls gives me a shout out and I miss it!  love you!

    • Kaz

      Aww you’re welcome!! <3