Bottle Spam Sunday & Link Love

Today’s bottle spam is something pretty special – Vintage Misa.

I love the Misa brand. I can vividly remember the launch of their Poisoned Passion collection back in 2008. I had just started really getting into nails – I already had a large vintage stash, but this was about the time that I started learning about brands and new stuff. I ordered a bunch of them from Head 2 Toe Beauty and the beautiful blues and purples still remain among my favourites, and of course we can’t forget the uniqueness of Toxic Seduction. That shade is still unique in my stash to this very day.

I began searching back through Misa’s previous releases and was soon enamored with shades like Blueberry Glaze, Dreamy Purple, Daylily and Silk Robe.

Misa Blueberry Glaze Misa Dreamy Purple
Misa Blueberry Glaze, Misa Dreamy Purple

Misa Daylily Misa Silk Robe
Misa Daylily, Misa Silk Robe

What I didn’t realise though was that Misa had been responsible for jaw-droppingly beautiful shades for a lot longer than I thought. A UK blogger was lucky enough to find these in her local beauty supply and I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a bunch of them from her. I emailed Misa to check out the authenticity and age of these colours and the customer service representative confirmed that these are definitely old Misa shades, from around 1995! These colours are around 17 years old!

Misa Pewter, Turquoise, Midnight Sky

Misa Ruby Red, Fuschia Flash, Violet Magic

Misa Glowin Carrot, Sarente Purple, Ivy

Misa Majestic, Burnished Bronze, Whisper, Fantastica, Love

Misa Night Sky, Dangerous Sapphire, Deep Sea, Infatuation, Four Leaf Clover

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s glimpse into the past of Misa! Clickable links on the names lead to swatches, but not all are complete. I’ll have to get around to swatching all of them for you one day! Now, it wouldn’t be a Sunday without some Link Love!

Stef shows us an amazing swatch of CrowsToes Triple Black Diamond @ Steffels

Scrangie convinces me that I need pretty much all of the China Glaze 2012 Neons @ Scrangie

We get some old and new goodness with TangyZing and Wet & Wild Eggplant Frost @ Polished Claws Up

Nicole creates a fantastic neon marble mani @ Nail Polish Wars

Amy Grace shows of an absolutely stunning peacock gradient mani @ The Polished Perfectionist

Now, a little bit of shameless self promotion…

A wonderful review of Pretty Serious VT100 @ Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup

Violet gives us her opinion on CGA lip gloss, eyeshadow and nail polish @ Violet Le Beaux

Rebecca gives us the lowdown on Tux over @ Polished Peripherals

Nixxy gives VT100 the thumbs up AND manages to squeeze in a MST3K reference @ Nixxy’s Nails

Stef’s swatches of the entire Hello World! nail collection make me proud that I designed it! @ Steffels

Cathy gives us an amazingly detailed, in depth review of CGA, Forbidden Fruit and BSOD @ More Nail Polish

Kristy provides us with our first review! Morning Java, VT100 and Tux all get the tick of approval @ The Polish Haven

That’s it from me! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  • Shatter_me_Claire

    Woah … I might have to go and find my jaw – it’s down on the ground somewhere. So stunningly beautiful!

    • Kaz

      Thank you! These old Misa’s really are amazing!

  • Argh!  You and your ancient bottle spam… I WANT!

    • Kaz

      Hehe you know the deal when you come here! 😉

  • Kaz

    You’re welcome! I wonder what other amazing shades Misa had back then. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find more one day!

  • Oh my gosh… those Misas :O

    • Kaz

      I know, right? 😀

  • MariJo Nails

    I’m loving Blueberry Glaze!! It’s absolutely stunning!  All of these bottles make me want to go shopping, lol!

    • Kaz

      Everyone elses blogs does the same to me!

  • Kaz

    Haha yes I am, but you knew what you were in for when you came here 😉

  • Hannah/Polly Polish

    Ivy, Four Leaf Clover, Burnished Bronze. Gah!