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Swatched! Revlon Streetwear Toad

I’m really behind at the moment, so this Streetwear Sunday post is …

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Swatched! Sally Hansen Techno Teal Matte

I’m a little late posting this. Not gonna lie, I totally got …

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Swatched! Creative Nail Design Amazon

AKA GAH IT’S SO PRETTY! Today’s Green September Post is brought to …

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Swatched! MAC Ammunition

At the end of my last post I mentioned doing Green September, …

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Streetwear Guide Companion Post: Variants

One of the most confusing things about being a Streetwear collector is …

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Swatched! Black Radiance Seeing Green

Where did this week go? Hang on, while we are wondering about …

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Streetwear Sunday – Hippy Dippy

I can’t believe it has been almost two months since I last …

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Vintage Blogging Beauties: Most Prized

I’m not gonna lie, picking out my most prized polish was HARD. …

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