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Vintage China Glaze – Red, Pink & Purple

Well the past 48 hours has been nothing short of spectacularly shitty. …

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Some Old Lancome Stuff

May I present to you, Lancome Triple Tenue Duo Morphing kits in 01 Bleu and 03 Emeraude. After eons (minutes) of scouring the internet and eyeballing the boxes for any sign of a date, I can confirm that I have absolutely no clue when these were made. Just that they are old.

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Glitzy Greens, Garbled Thoughts and Zings

Wow. TFIF. What a week. I’ve been flat out like a lizard …

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Old OPI Greens – Not fake, just old!

Back in the long long ago, in the way way before time, …

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Old Hard Candy Part 2 of 3

First of all, while doing some research, I found the owner of …

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Old Hard Candy Part 1 of 3

Hey guys, to make up for my pictureless uber ranty rant rant …

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Weekly Haul Pics and Some Swap Goodies

Well another week of this torturous no-buy has passed, and while I …

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