Catrice Out of Space & Shoesday!

Technically I guess I could call this a Collections from The Grave post since it has been discontinued, but I don’t think it’s old enough (mid 2011) to warrant that. Plus, I only got two of the four, so I think I’m just going to make shit up and hope for the best.

Houston’s Favorite, Beam Me Scotty

I picked these up on eBay (at probably three times retail, check out the sweet bubble wrap marks that won’t come off :/) not that long ago. I know, I know I shouldn’t pay higher than retail for polishes like this, but I wanted them and I can’t get Catrice anywhere around here. Catrice is a European brand and well, if they’re going to call one of their polishes ‘Beam Me Scotty’ I’m going to get my hands on it any way I can.

“Snotty beamed me twice last night. It was wonderful.”

As much as I love Star Trek, Beam Me Scotty still makes me think of Spaceballs. This is a good thing.

Catrice Beam Me Scotty

Beam Me Scotty is one of the most unusual polishes I’ve seen. It’s one of those suede matte polishes (I’ve shown it here with top coat) but what I find most interesting is the colour. It’s the weirdest greenish blackened blue and I don’t own anything else like it at all. It looked nice matte, but the top coat really bought out the foily sparkle. I dig it. Plus, the name is sensational.

Catrice Houston's Favorite

I’ll be honest, my swatch of Houston’s Favorite is shit. I had some application issues with a stray hair on the brush and the formula was a little difficult to deal with, but much like Beam Me Scotty, I love it for it’s uniqueness. It’s a dusty teal blue with a hint of duochrome. It shows up more in the bottle than it does on the nail but I managed to snap this pic which captures the royal blue flash. It shifts to purple too in the right light.

Catrice Houston's Favorite

What I don’t understand though is the name. What the hell is Houston’s Favorite? I know it’s something NASA related but it sounds like ice cream. Or a burger. I’m hungry.

So I know it’s Shoesday, and I’ve picked up some awesome bargains in the two weeks since my last post. But I think my favourite would have to be these Devils & Dolls boots. Not sure what retail was, but I know I only paid $25.00.

These Qupid heels were $59.99, I got them for $25. I ADORE the colour.

I picked up two pairs of shoes from ASOS – these green peep toes and these fabulous holographic hi-tops.

The hi-tops were SO MUCH BETTER in person. They were down from $76.00 to $40.00 while the peeptoes were originally $30.00, but I snapped them up for $15. Honestly, I would have paid the $30! I am LOVING the mint shoe trend right now, so I’m buying up everything green that I can. Anyone else with bitchin’ shoe purchases they want to show off! Join the SHOESDAY blogging revolution!

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  • Oooh, Catrice 😀 So pretty!
    Did you mean to write “Snotty” instead of “Scotty”? 😛

    • Kaz

      Hahaha yes I did. You need to watch Spaceballs! 😀

  • Kaz

    The whole collection is up on eBay (or was) for around the $8 mark. Is Space Cowboy the white one? That one looks kinda nice too.

    I can’t wait to get my green pumps!! 😀

  • konadlicious

    Argh, I NEED holo high tops!!

    • Kaz

      I think everyone does!!