NOTD – Strike One Off The List For 2010!

China Glaze Stroke Of Midnight
China Glaze Stroke Of Midnight

I only made my 2010 lemming list a few weeks ago and already, one of my amazing friends has come forward to fulfill one of my wishes.

To my “fairy godmother”, (geddit? Cinderella reference…LOL) thank you so much for being so awesome and I will help you out with anything, anytime!

*admires nails for the 400th time today*


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  • *dies* This just went on my lemming list this week, I NEEDS it! It’s stunning, and your pictures do it such justice.

    I had never heard of this polish, but I believe it just went on my lemmings list too.
    I LOVE a good blue!:drl:

  • Rachna

    Yay! i’m so happy for you! :bounce:

    and i agree with the previous post, your pics always do the polish justice

  • Veronica

    This is going on my wishlist