China Glaze Kicks Collection – Now up on 8ty8 Beauty

China Glaze Kicks

When I saw the promo ad for the first time, despite the amount of greenery I was a little on the “meh” side. I love neons, but I’ve bought so many neons lately that I didn’t think I needed anymore.


These aren’t just neons. Half of them (including all ze greens!) are SHIMMERS. 😯

The shimmer colours are Entourage (green), Paper Chasing (green), Custom Kicks (green), Sky High-Top (blue), Fly (purple), Its Poppin’ (pink).

Cremes are B-Girlz (pink), Laced Up (pink), Sneaker Head (pinky red), Oh How Street It Is (orange), Style Wars (orange), Breakin’ (orange).

Now that I have seen swatches, I have to buy them. Once the new Essie’s go up on any of the etailers, consider these ordered. Paper Chasing has me giggling like a school girl.

If you’re curious, you can see swatches at All Lacquered Up.

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  • Lucy

    :omg:I love this collection. I’ve been wearing Sky High-Top for four days now. I have to take it off. I have some chips. The weird thing is they’re all on my left hand, 3 of them. I’m right handed! I do have some tip wear. It stayed on pretty good on my right hand.:laa: