China Glaze Tis The Season – Reds

So as I mentioned on the weekend, I’m late with these Christmas polishes. But better late than never, right? The lovely Jacie from You’ve Got Nail was nice enough to send me these after she was done swatching them for her blog and I’ve finally got around to finishing! My swatches won’t be as nice as hers, I’m sure, but best I can do is try, right?

China Glaze Tis The Season
China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa, Naughty & Nice, Sugar Plums, Mrs Claus, Phat Santa, Ruby Deer

When news first broke that China Glaze was doing a collection of sixteen polishes for Christmas last year, to say that I was excited was an understatement. China Glaze has always been one of my favourite brands and they almost never disappoint with a collection. Plus, sixteen is a HUGE number! And they are all gorgeous! Today though, I’ll just be looking at the six red shades pictured above. So let’s get started!

China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa China Glaze Naughty & Nice

Mommy Kissing Santa was the colour that immediately caught my eye from this collection. It’s deep, velvety and reminds me of a slightly cooler red than one of my favourite reds of all time, Piggy Polish You Sleigh Me. I love reds like this. The slight visibility of the brush strokes just adds to the depth. Beautiful.

Naughty & Nice couldn’t have a more perfect name. It’s a deliciously deep, maroon vampy jelly. I think every collection needs a colour like this. It goes with everything and looks super classy. Great for short nails too.

China Glaze Sugar Plums China Glaze Mrs Claus

Sugar Plums reminds me an awful lot of an older China Glaze polish, Crystal Ball (which you can see on Scrangie’s site here). I don’t have Crystal Ball to compare, but I would wager that they are pretty damn close. Sugar Plums is beautiful in the sunlight. Here’s a closer look at the holo glitter.

Mrs Claus is just beautiful. Pinky red jelly with chunky silver glitter. I’m glad they didn’t do another Ruby Pumps style red glitter – this is so much more unique! The silver glitter really tones down the red, plus the jelly base gives so much depth to the glitter. Love this.

China Glaze Phat Santa China Glaze Ruby Deer

Phat Santa is a beautiful dark red creme. I don’t know what it is about these shades, but I think I am finally starting to see what Suzi spends so much time raving about. Formula is great too. Smooth and shiny. Easy to apply too! Plus the name makes me laugh.

Ruby Deer is another gorgeous red creme. Much like Phat Santa the formula is beautiful and the finish rich and glossy, although the colour is lighter. A gorgeous blue-red.

Well, six down and another TEN to go! So far I’m REALLY impressed with this collection. Thanks China Glaze for such an amazing effort!

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  • L.

    You make reds look so wonderful

    • Kaz

      Aww <3 Thank you!

  • Great swatches!

    I think I’ll wear Sugar Plums for my next mani 🙂

    • Kaz

      Thank you! It’s a great choice!

  • Lucy

    Crap, I’m going to have to order some reds!

    • Kaz

      You won’t be disappointed! 😀

  • Lucy

    Crap, I’m going to have to order some reds!