Clarins 230: AKA Unicorn Pee

Clarins 230

If Clarins 230 really was made of unicorn pee and fairy tears then maybe I wouldn’t feel so annoyed at Clarins for discontinuing it.



I own a LOT of nail polish. I guess that goes without saying. Nothing in my eccentrically large stash even compares to this colour, and if not for a wonderful, lovely, awesome, kickass friend of mine, I doubt I ever would have seen this in person. Its mind boggling. Screw Sally Hansen and her prisms – THIS is a rainbow in a freaking bottle.

But like everything that is remotely good in this world, Jungle Curry Kettle Chips, Cadbury Caramilk (the Aussie version), Pepsi Blue, Slap Bands, Watchimals and movies starring the Two Coreys… Clarins 230 is long discontinued and probably rarer than unicorn pee itself.

But I have a bottle of it and a lightbox. So lets rock.

Clarins 230

Oooh such a naughty girl.

Clarins 230

Now turn to the side for me… niiiiice.

Clarins 230

Okay now lay down and lets get a shot from behind. Fabulous. Ohh you’ve done this before havent you, you saucy little minx…

Clarins 230

On the nail. Sooo good over purple.

Clarins 230

Wow. Just… wow.

So there you have it. Clarins 230. Part princess, part whore, all elusive little bitch. :drool:

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  • Ahhh the Two Coreys….Lost Boys will forever hold a special place in my heart :>>

    ..the polish isn’t bad either ;D

  • Kaz

    Ohh dude that is one of my favourite movies EVER!!

  • wow – this is so beautiful. What is the story on the creation/origin of this polish, and has anyone approached Clarins about it?

  • ” Part princess, part whore, all elusive little bitch”

    That has got to be the best description of a polish, evah!!!

  • Carla of the turkish delights

    What about caramel kitkats & caramel kitkat chunkies? They do it for ya?! Cos I has some!! Feldman is miiiine. You can fight it out for Haim between yourselves 😛

  • Lucy

    :omg:That’s is a gorgeous gorgeous polish! I’ve never seen it before. In the bottle it’s amazing. On your nails:drool:that is beyond description. Lost Boys one of my favorite top 10 movies.

  • Kaz

    Deez – I honestly don’t even know when it was first released. It would be a while ago now. I dont think Clarins even does polish anymore.

    Gab – :)) You know its true :awe:

    Carla – Dude anything with Caramel does it for me like whoa. Haim?? HAIM? Haim is the second rate Corey *prepares to duke it out for the Feldog*

    Lucy – You have great taste in movies! Yep Clarins 230 is a sight to behold!

  • L.

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Kae

    Oh that is so gorgeous! lol I love how you told your Clarins to “work it”!

  • Love your pics! I linked to your blog from mine, hope you don’t mind! =)

  • Kaz

    Not at all! 🙂

  • You know what, I was doing a search for pictures and came across *gasp* your post. The pictures are amazing, BUT. Your post is frigging hysterical! Love. It.

  • well, i just scored some slap bracelets at target this very night. and i didn’t realize this color is so dang coveted! unicorn farts and fairy spooge? amazing. my bottle is just collecting dust in a under the bed box. it’s gorgeous! i love your photo prOn of it: )

  • clement

    I actually want to cry now that I have seen this and can’t find a bottle sond for less than 60 usd. I would have had a better life without the knowledge of this color’s existence.

    • Kaz

      Aww sorry about that! 😀 She’s worth every penny though!

  • Kaz

    Thank you!

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