Collections From The Grave: L’oreal Jet-Set 3D Carpaints

I’ve got something pretty special and especially rare to show you today (tonight? this evening?). With the duo/multichrome explosion that’s taken over the nail polish scene in recent months, I thought I’d reach back a while – to the fabled time of Sally Hansen Prisms to show you something cool in this, my very first “Collections From The Grave” post.

Let’s talk about L’oreal.

I really love old L’oreal polishes. Jet Set’s, Laquiresists, Bijou’s… I’ve got a whole Helmer drawer dedicated to them. But what I don’t have are any of these.

L'oreal Jet-Set 3D Carpaints

These gorgeous duochrome babies, aka L’oreal Jet-Set 3D Car Paints are a complete mystery. I can’t find anything on Google. No swatches. Nothing on eBay. If I didn’t have these pictures and if I didn’t own one in the past (Rust-Proof. Probably the least nice of all of them. Swapped away. Twice.) I’d wonder if they ever really existed at all.

L'oreal Jet-Set 3D Carpaints
Photo Courtesy of Ginger Kitty Designs

There are four that we know of, but I’m assuming there would have been at least six.

725 – Cruiser
735 – Rust-Proof
855 – Racing
865 – Vroom

L'oreal Jet-Set 3D Carpaints
Photo Courtesy of Ginger Kitty Designs

These are in the newer shaped Jet-Set bottles, so they can’t be too old (Around 2005 maybe?) and I’m wondering why there is so little information around. Does anyone remember these? Does anyone own any of them? Comment and let me know!

Edit: Lovely reader emmson allowed me to use her great swatch of Vroom!

L'oreal Jet-Set 3D Carpaints Vroom

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  • I don’t own any, but I do remember seeing commercials for them years ago.

    • Kaz

      Awesome! You wouldn’t happen to remember what year that was, would you?

  • Ohhhhhh hot damn. I hope I get to see these in my lil polish lifetime! I think I remember seeing these since I’ve been working in drugstores for 12 years. Hmmmm

    • Kaz

      I hope I can find them again. Kicking myself for getting rid of Rust-Proof… TWICE!

  • I had no idea these polishes existed. I love your old polish posts, keep ’em coming!

    • Kaz

      You bet I will!! 🙂

  • emmson

    I have Vroom (the teal one), you can see a swatch of it on MUA, user emmson. I don’t remember when I bought this, but it survived several purges.

    • Kaz

      Fantastic, thanks for that. I’ll definitely check out your swatch!

  • Michelle Smith

    I’ve got Vroom, as well.  

    • Kaz

      Lucky!! Would you happen to remember what year you bought it or how many there were?

  • Lycowan

    I have 730 Dahlia, and i’m trying to find a new bottle!

    • Kaz

      Oooh, is that a duochrome too? What colour is it?

  • So awesome!!! Another collection to keep my eyes out for. I have a penchant for vintage duochromes =)

    • Kaz

      You and me both, doll!

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