RIP Corey Haim

I’m seriously so sad 🙁

His downward spiral was long and harsh and I only wish that he had the strength and support network to have been able to pull himself out of the hole before it was too late. Hollywood chewed him up and spat him out, as it has many other young “teen idols”. Brad Renfro, Jonathon Brandis…


[youtube h1DXob9DzHA]
Dream A Little Dream

[youtube zfXKGZo7RbE]
The Lost Boys

[youtube a4KJtDxTqWQ]
License to Drive

[youtube b-PvkECDZ-A]
Fast Getaway

RIP Corey. Your films will always be treasured by me and you will be missed.

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  • Lucy

    :'( Have you read Feldman’s statement?

  • Kaz

    Yeah man, heartbreaking 🙁

  • emmablossom

    If you throw Heath Ledger in there then that’s most of my 90s dreamboats gone. Hold up – has anyone heard from Jonathan Taylor Thomas lately? Someone please go check on JTT!

  • Omg, emmablossom, I just looked him up on imdb and he has done anything in 4 years. Now I’m also uber worried about him.