Duochromes 2012: A Compendium

I think we can safely say that it’s us who fuel the trends in the nail market. We wanted crackle. We got crackle. We screamed for magnetics – we got them in droves. This year it was all about the duochromes and once again our cries were heard. Looking back we have had Chanel Peridot and the Orly Cosmic FX line for some time. This was followed by Models Own Beetlejuice last year, which had some similar shades to the Cosmic FX line, but primarily they were all new and original.

This year, we’ve seen a lot of sameness from brands launching their duochrome lines. While most people would see this as a negative, I see it as a plus for a number of reasons.

1. Availability. The more versions there are of a particular colour floating around the world, the more likely we are to get our hands on it. There’s nothing more disappointing than missing out, and when it comes to duochromes, increase that tenfold.

2. Choice. Whether you have a favored brand or formula, having these ‘dupes’ from multiple brands makes it easier to get product that works the best for you. I’m a big fan of China Glaze and Nails Inc. I don’t really care too much for OPI or Deborah Lippmann. I get to make the choice to buy the shades I like from the brands I like.

I guess the only downside that I see is less new shades on the market but honestly, you never know what is ahead. A lot of these companies could be testing the water with readily available shades only to follow through with new duochromes when their first experiment is a success. The fact that there are ANY duochromes on the market at the moment is a GOOD THING. And as someone with a full-on robot chubby for anything that’s more than one colour at a time, I’m hoping it leads to many more great duo shades.

I’ve compiled a list of brands that I suspect to have similar shades. I’ve done a bit of research, looked at other blogs and swatches and my own stash and have put together a handy image guide for you.

First of all, the Peridots.

My there are a lot of these, which is usually the case with Chanel. While all of these might not be 100% identical to the Chanel beauty, they are pretty damn close. There are also many, many more that I left off this list. Click the image for a larger version.

The second most popular duochrome I’ve seen around lately would be the Private Dancer/No Plain Jane/Iris My Case/Cheyne Walk golden purple.

I’m fairly certain that China Glaze Want My Bawdy, Nails Inc Primrose Park and Color Club Personal Stylist are all very similar shades of blue. I’ll definitely be picking up the China Glaze or Nails Inc version.

China Glaze Swanky Silk appears to share the limelight with Nails Inc Stratford and Lippmann Sugar Daddy.

Nails Inc Swiss Cottage, China Glaze Unpredictable and Nicole Mer-made for each Other also appear to be the same blue/green shade.

Based on bottle shots, (not these promo pics) I see a distinct similarity between Lippmann Swagga Like Us and the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Plume. These two look close to the peridot dupes, but are much more gold toned, where are peridot leans green.

Same goes for Sally Hansen Scarab and China Glaze Deviantly Daring. They look very similar in the bottle, but I can’t confirm that they are exact. Has anyone bought both?

Edit. Reader Felis has confirmed that they are identical on the nail. Thanks for the info Felis!

Hits Mari Moon and Ludurana Aurora Boreal seem to have dupes across both lines as well.

As far as original new duochrome shades go, I don’t think you can go past some of these new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine shades. While Plume and Scarab are potentially dupey, the others definitely aren’t and they look amazing. (via polishinsomniac.net)

But I think hands down, the most interesting new duochrome I have seen this year would have to be Color Clubs Purple/green master piece Port-folio. If you’re not convinced, look at these swatches from The Polish Insomniac. Port-folio – Get on my nails.

I hope you find this list helpful and you can all see how wonderful it is that we are so spoiled for choice. I think it’s great that nail brands actually listen to us and what we want. Hopefully we will see more great duochromes in the future.

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  • haha look at all those Peridot twins standing in a line! XD

    • Kaz

      There are probably at least ten more that I didn’t include!

  • Kristy

    Fantastic post! Holy crap, I also need Portfolio

    • Kaz

      Me too! It’s at the top of my must have list right now.

  • Kaz

    I have Peridot and a couple of others myself! Those SH’s look amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on a few of them.

  • MrsFinley

    Great report, Kaz! The SH Lustres are cool, but the new L’Oreal duochromes are fantastic!! (And cheaper.)

    • Kaz

      L’Oreal have duochromes!? Why haven’t I seen these yet! *off to google*

      • MrsFinley

        New fall lines – four collections, and the Seductive Temptress Collection has The Temptress’ Power, which is a green/gold duochrome nearly identical to Liquid Euphoria Nirvana! Strictly speaking, it’s the only true duochrome in the bunch, but a few of the others reveal some flash when applied, as opposed to in the bottle.

        • Kaz

          Oh my, I think I need to track that one down then! Sounds like a great collection!

  • Felis

    Scarab and Deviantly Daring are identical on the nail. I tried different lighting and everything. Just returned Scarab. The Lustre Shines are nice, but not nearly as striking or as multichrome as they look in the pics.

    • Kaz

      That’s a shame, I really thought Sally Hansen would lead the pack when it came to duochromes after the success of the Prisms line. I’ll edit the entry with your info, thanks!

  • Thanks for the Link Love! Although I am sorry to say I saw some of the SH yesterday in Walgreens… not that impressive. I am really really bummed out by this! But I am reserving judgement until I see “good” swatches of them.

    • Kaz

      That is such a shame 🙁 I really thought SH would be top of the duochrome game considering their past experience.

  • Ulmiel

    Seriously awesome post. Thanks! I love duochromes, but I’m not really on the Peridot wagon. Just doesn’t call my name. Go figure, eh? Can’t wait to get my hands on Ludurana, though! And those sally hanses, wooow! I do agree with you on Port-folio. It’s by far the most interesting duochrome I’ve seen lately. Can’t wait to try it on!