Five Vintage Nail Ads To Fawn Over

I’m breaking one of my newly imposed rules about getting all my actual work done before blogging because I really want to post these right now. In case any of you don’t read my blog and just look at the pictures, I’d like to explain to you that I adore vintage fashion. More specifically, 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. Although if I guess if you are only looking at the pictures, you won’t be reading this anyway and I’ve just done something totally redundant purple monkey doobie copy paper enlarge your penis free.

I don’t know what my attraction is. Whether this stems from my deep psychological need to amass great quantities of what is no longer available (This blog is testament to that. Honestly, therapists – you’d have a field day with me) or whether it’s just the fact that women back then were so… well… womanly. The women from this era always looked their best. Hair was always set, makeup was always applied expertly and outfits were always impeccable. There’s an air of perfection that surrounds the vintage lass that intrigues and impresses me. Even my memories of my own grandmother were much the same. She was a strong, capable woman who never had a hair out of place, even while raising a five year old terror like myself. To this day she remains a hero to me for a lot of reasons – her fashion sense included. That reminds me – One day I’ll have to show you all the 1960’s Oroton purse she left me with the tags still inside. It’s beautiful.

But I’m getting sidetracked! (Eh, what’s new?) Lets view these ads, shall we?

Cutex – 1955

I think this one might be my favourite of all the ads I’ve come across so far. The woman’s red dress, lips and nails are divine and that cute hairdo as well? Amazing. You had yourself a classy little ad there, Cutex!

Revlon – 1948

The classy old-hollywood style of this ad is sensational. Check out the cloak!

Cutex – 1945

This ad is ten years older than the first Cutex one I posted and the differences in style are really noticeable. Looks like there were six shades back then – Honor Bright, Alert, Young Red, Off Duty, Black Red and Saddle Brown.

Cutex – 1942

This Cutex ad is from a few years earlier advertising only the Black Red shade. It sounds gorgeous! Note the lovely rounded nail shape too.

Chanel – 1981

This one might not be as vintage as the others, but I thought it pretty cool to note that the bottle shape hasn’t changed in so long! What colour do you reckon that might be, girls? I’d put my money on Vamp maybe? Rouge Noir perhaps?

I definitely think there is room in this modern world for a little vintage glamour. Let’s just ignore the fact that I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I write this. Let’s pretend this is me:

Wow, you know I never actually realised how much I look like Rita Hayworth today. Anyway, be fabulous daaaahlings and I’ll catch you all tomorrow!

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  • Oh man.

    I NEED THAT REVLON CLOAK. If only to just swish around the house in it.

    And I just adore the first Cutex ad, super cute.

    • Kaz

      I know, right?

      I need the dress from the first Cutex ad. I just bet it’s got tulle.

  • Nixxy

    Wow – Cutex were really classy back then, huh?

    • Kaz

      Yeah, I wonder what happened to make them the boganesque supermarket brand of the 80’s?

  • Lucy

    LOVE THIS! The Cutex ones are my fave – I was thinking the exact same about Chanel, how it’s not changed since then.

    • Kaz

      It’s awesome to see – makes me wonder just how old some of my old Chanel polishes are!

  • L.

    Rita is killing that dress! Love this post

    • Kaz

      Rita was so beautiful! Thanks doll!

  • Scandalous

    Love this post! I love vintage too.

    • Kaz

      Thanks hon! I love how everything was just so chock full of class back then.

  • amanda

    Oh, how times change! Enjoyed looking at those.

    • Kaz

      Indeed they do! Thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love those ads, especially the first one.. amazing! =) I’m always saying I’m born too late, I love (no, adore!) vintage stuffies, fashion, hairstyles… *sigh*

    • Kaz

      It’s all just so pretty! I feel the exact same way.

  • Justasachildof10mightact

    your blog is one of the few I actually read not just look at the pics. 🙂 show us that purse!

    • Kaz

      Aww thank you! I’ll have to take some pics!

  • Kaz

    It’s always polite to ask 🙂

  • konadlicious

    I’m lovin’ Rita’s braless boobs just sitting there like that. That lace would be hanging round my knees if I forsook my boulder holders.

    • Kaz

      LMAO!! Boulder Holders! You crack me up. You also perfectly described my bra. o_0

  • Sandi

    Over the shoulder boulder holder, lol. That ones been around at least since I was in junior high (middle school), and that >was< in the 60's! Yes really. Believe me, most woman didn't look like that during everyday life, although my mom could get pretty glam for special occasions. Me, I still prefer red violet streaks in my hair.

    • Kaz

      I hadn’t heard the term in so many years!

      Well even if women didn’t look like that all the time, the fact that they managed to perpetuate that image for the era is certainly a feat in itself!

  • Lucy

    Has anyone told you that you look exactly like Rita Hayworth? I just watched a movie with her in it. Darn I forget the title. Burt Lancaster and David Niven were in it also. I love vintage fashions. Love old movies also. I love all the old pictures of my Mother and her sisters, friends, etc. She was just gorgeous. Women were nice and curvy then. Not so much pressure as today. I read all that you write and you always crack me up. Where is that Nixxy? Hope she’s all right, I miss her.

    • Kaz

      Why thank you! 😉

      Thanks for reading, I know you do! 😀 Nixxy is good just readjusting to life back in Perth! I hope she finds time to post again soon as well!

  • Kaz

    I know what you mean. I think that red back then was much more of a vixenish colour. Maybe only bad girls wore red nails?

  • Steph

    Haha. Just found your blog. It is so awesome. Added it to my favourites. Love the glamour and your sense of humour! (and of course, the nail polish) 😀

    • Kaz

      Aww thank you!