Going for Gold

This unintentionally Olympic themed post is brought to you by my sudden desire to go through my yellow & gold folder in my flickr account and pick out something gold to wear. The Olympics don’t really do it for me, just never really been all that interested. I have fond memories of the time the Olympics was here in Sydney though. I was in my last year of high school and we all thought it was great that they were giving us two extra weeks off to study for exams. Study though, we did not.

I struggled for a long time thinking that my pale skin tone prevented me from wearing warmer gold shades but I don’t know, I don’t seem as bothered by it now. Here are a few of my favourite gold and yellow polishes.

Lancome Triple Tenue Gold 366 Sally Hansen Forsythia
Lancome Triple Tenue Gold 366, Sally Hansen Forsythia

Lancome Triple Tenue Gold 366 is the most unique gold glitter I own. I was pretty sure when I bought it that it was just going to be a straight up glitter like BB Sand (I’m a sucker for old Lancome, what can I say?), but imagine my surprise when it turned up with GOLD FLAKES!! LOVE.

Sally Hansen Forsythia came from the 2009 Tracy Reese Spring Salon collection. I love it, it’s a grungy dirty yellow with a hidden silvery shimmer. Very unique – I haven’t ever seen anything like it before and not again since. I really, really with SH hadn’t changed their Salon bottles. These were WAY better.

OPI I Get A Kick Out Of Gold La Femme Egyptian Gold
OPI I Get A Kick Out Of Gold, La Femme Egyptian Gold

OPI I Get A Kick Out Of Goldor IGAKOOG as I like to call it (igakoog. LOL) came from the OPI Holiday 2006 Rockettes Collection and is probably not only one of my favourite golds, but also one of my favourite OPI’s. It’s so reflective and foily but also has great coverage too. Plus it’s perfect with my skintone!

La Femme Egyptian Gold was a complete surprise. I picked up some cheapo La Femme’s on eBay not expecting much when they arrived. For the most part (the reds and pinks) were a total disappointment, but Egyptian Gold pretty much made up for that. I just adore these greenish bronzes and this was so cheap I’m thinking about grabbing a backup while they’re still around.

Chelsea Polynesia Isle Sally Hansen Burnt Sienna
Chelsea Polynesia Isle, Sally Hansen Burnt Sienna

Chelsea Polynesia Isle really needs a new swatch because it is one of the most gorgeous duochrome golds that I own. Man, this picture is blurry and dark, what was I thinking? Well at least the bottle is clear – you can see the gorgeous shift from golden through to rust. Chelsea polishes are pretty rare these days but definitely worth the hunt for shades like this one.

Sally Hansen Burnt Sienna could probably use another swatch too but what the heck, it’s gorgeous and I had to share. This fabulous olive bronze is from the 2009 Canadian Exclusive Project Runway collection. I bought five of the six shades and they are all gorgeous!

Skinfood Sun Yellow Orly Luxe
Skinfood Sun Yellow, Orly Luxe

I’ve blabbed about Skinfood Sun Yellow before, but seriously look how pretty it is! There is a bit of controversy surrounding this brand and alleged carcinogenic ingredients but the new formula is apparently A-OK. As far as golden foils go, this is probably the brightest white gold I own.

Orly Luxe was part of the Spring 2010 Foil FX collection along with a silver and a copper. Luxe is my favourite though – it’s still quite a pale gold but the formula is so good. It’s a great base under sparse glitters.

Revlon Gold Zing Nubar Gold Leaf
Revlon Gold Zing, Nubar Gold Leaf

Revlon Gold Zing is one of my fabulous European Color Zing polishes. Although it doesn’t quite have the strong duochrome shift that a lot of my other Zing’s have, but what it does have is a completely unique canary yellow chrome finish! Unique in my collection!

I’ve left Nubar Gold Leaf until last because I’m pretty sure this is my favourite of the bunch. It’s more of a rusty copper than gold, but the gold shimmer that creeps through is nothing short of stunning. Scrangie has some great shots of the duochrome. Sun Gold was once available in the old Shock bottles, but Nubar added it to their core line when they changed their design. To the best of my knowledge, it’s still available.

So there you have it, my ten favourite gold swatches. What’s your favourite gold? Are there some amazing gold shades that you think I’m missing out on?

In other unrelated news, how cute are my new shoes?

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  • Emz O

    Aaaaaaah I LOVE that Skinfood one 😀

    • Kaz

      It’s fabulous!

  • Wow Nubar Gold Leaf is absolutely stunning! Looks like a fiery sunset. And I love your shoes hehe. The stars and the bow are so adorable! I reckon they’re perfect for a NYE party 😀 Im a shoeaholic as well as a polishaholic :p

    • Kaz

      It is! And yes, those shoes are a sight to behold! I don’t think I can wait for NYE. I might wear them to do the groceries. LOL. Yay! Another shoe lover!

  • Kristy

    Cute shoes! do you think IGAKOOG is anything like Dazzled By Gold?

    • Kaz

      Thanks! IGAKOOG is paler than Dazzled, and Dazzled seems to have different coloured golden foil flecks. IGAKOOG might be easier to find too!

  • emmablossom

    Eff me gently with a chainsaw. I ordered a bunch of Nubar for the first time in a long time, specifically because of your awesome swatch of Gold Leaf. I just checked my invoice and I ordered everything EXCEPT Gold Leaf. That is an olympic sized fail. But an awesome swatch. 

    • Kaz

      You ning nong. You can borrow Gold Leaf whenever you like, my love.

  • I have been getting into golds more and more lately myself, these are all gorgeous! I need to pull out my Chelsea Polynesia Isle soon cuz wooowie! What a beaut!

    • Kaz

      You have it? Man, it is a STUNNER. So glad I picked it up from a blogsale.

  • Kaz

    Forsythia is seriously underrated. So ugly-pretty!.

  • Kaz

    Ooh, I passed on Desperado but I see it’s still going on eBay cheap. I might have to pick it up.