Some Goldie Polishes and Some Other Stuff Too

Goldie Polishes

‘Kay I’m gonna be totally anal right off the bat here and say that I am annoyed that I couldn’t get a completely white background on the above pic without making the little white flower lids disappear. Cute, but now I hate them.

I also hate that Goldie Polishes don’t have names. C’mon people. It’s not hard. Now I’m going to have to name them myself, and we all know where that will be heading. Somewhere completely inappropriate most likely.

But that’s all the hating I am doing on these gorgeous little polishes. These were a gift from Scrangie (who I miss heaps!) and they are almost as awesome as she is. This is only three of this eight pack. Lets start with the red one. First I guess I gotta think of a name.

Goldie - I Got Caught Staring At The Hot Guy's Butt
Goldie – I Got Caught Staring At The Hot Guy’s Butt

First up in my newly christened Goldie “LOLWUT :wut: Collection”, is “I Got Caught Staring At The Hot Guy’s Butt”. Cause let’s face it. We’ve all been there. A hot guy walks past you on his way to the bar, you notice that he’s a fox and try to watch him without giving yourself away, he orders his drink and your eyes drift downwards. He turns around and you manage the deer in headlights expression before pretending that you’re looking somewhere else. In the process you manage to knock your friends drink over and he leaves with a smirk on his face. Fail.

This polish is the exact same shade of red you will turn in this instance. It is beautiful though. I love jellies like this one. Pigmented and smooth. Very even which is rare for a jelly.

Goldie - Dude Looks Like A Lady
Goldie – Dude Looks Like A Lady

This next number in my Goldie “LOLWUT :wut: Collection” goes out to all the fellas out there who have fooled by very pretty gals who aren’t quite gals. I call this one “Dude Looks Like A Lady”. Ever been working a retail job and serving what appears to be an attractive woman only to have her ask in a deep gravelly voice “How much’ll that be darl”?



I had a male friend in high school who once told us that he thought the chick from Placebo was a bit of alright. We let him prattle on for half an hour before telling him it was a dude. He didn’t live that one down for quite a while.

This is a fuchsia foil/jelly/shimmer/I really don’t know. I love foils. And shimmers. Goldie does great ones. Not much more to say really. This is really nice. Well done Goldie. *gives a sticker and a pat on the head*

Who the hell makes Goldie by the way? I swear I knew and I have somehow forgotten. Must be the carb coma I am in as a sit and write this. MMM potato.

Goldie - A Bit Chilly In Here
Goldie – A Bit Chilly In Here

Final entry in this collection is a lovely blue holo that I’m calling “A Bit Chilly In Here”. The sun is shining and you decide to head out without a jacket, then that blasted cool change hits and all of a sudden you’re happy to see everyone. You spend the next four hours uncomfortably trying to cross your arms over your girls, and everyone around you knows that you’re attempting to hide the high beams but says nothing, except for that one guy who watches you with this face: :hrmm: waiting for you to have to move an arm to scratch or reach for a drink. Pervert.

Goldie does good jellies as you can plainly see, and I gotta say that I don’t really mind the VNL with this number. Even though my nail beds are horribly uneven and rather crap. I still feel somewhat covered by the awesomeness of this shade. This is three coats.

I was going make a seperate music related post, but I figured since we’ve all come this far I might as well tack this on to the end. I turned Genius on within my itunes. Here’s the first five songs it picked out for me. Cos getting to know you posts are FUN!


NO REALLY! I mean it!


Where did you all go? Do you all only want me for my nails and my stash? I’m crushed. CRUSHED.

[youtube Z6WhV5gWjJE]
Row – Youth Gone Wild

Sebastian Bach fits into my “Dude Looks Like A Lady” analogy.

[youtube j6vVP91C3Iw]
The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed

I have kind of a crush on Robert Smith. Holy shit I have a crush on EVERYONE. (I have a crush on every boy!) My fave Cure song would have to be Burn though. Amazing.

[youtube P9BfvPjsXXw]
Nine Inch Nails – We’re In This Together

This song grabs my heartstrings. I’m not sure if it is absolutely beautiful or incredibly creepy. Bit o’ trivia for y’all, Trent Reznor is a shortass (that’s so not PC of me!) and all the people running with him are shorter to make him look normal sized. I think he’s like 5’4″ or something? Midget hotness. (Even more un-PC :hehe:)

[youtube nqiVvOXotyw]
Static-X – I’m With Stupid

I think embedding is disabled so you have to go to the youtube page to see it, but it’s worth it. This is one of my fave videos of all time.

Even though I have no idea what it’s about.

Wayne Static has the greatest hair EVER.

[youtube XnZ1Ft20pHw]
Foo Fighters – Hey, Johnny Park!

This song wasn’t a single and it has no video, but it is hands down my favorite Foo Fighters song ever. I went to both Sydney shows in 2008 and on the second night they played this in the encore. I nearly lost my mind!

Well this “quickie” post has now taken an hour and a half of my night. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  • I have the eight pack too and was surprised that they don’t have names. I have only used one so far. A tad hard to apply but pretty.
    Yours look great.

  • riss

    Love the goldie polishes but don’t understandy why some don’t have names. The ones I got years ago at Bath & Body Works all had names but the set I recently picked up at TJMaxx with 8 didn’t have any?

    Of course I think I like the names you came up with better than any they would have ever selected – LOL!

  • Carla Come-up-&-see-me-in-

    You crack me up.. Best blog post ever, epic win on those names! I <3 you crazy lady!!

  • Oh my god I think I love you.
    “I have a crush on every boy!” – I didn’t even need to click it to know about TEEN GIRL QUEST!

  • melissa

    U are too awesome!!!! Im not with u for the polish..I’ll hang with u for the Music… But I love u cause of u!! :awe: