Green Shades That Need More Lovin’

What’s going on everyone? I’m concerned. Concerned and dismayed at the lack of love for green right now. I know, I know – you US gals are in your “fall” period where halloweenie colours are all the rage, but I still don’t think I can overlook this. You see, I’ve had a word with some of my green polishes in my Helmer (over tea, as one does) and they honestly feel neglected and left out. Especially at this time of year. So today, I’ve decided to raise a toast to my favourite green nail polish shades. But not the more common ones – Everyone knows what Chanel Jade, China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and Essie Dominica Green look like. Heck, even MAC Peppermint Patti would garner a nod of recognition. Today’s post is all about the unsung heroes of my green Helmer drawers. Some of you may have some of these babies tucked away and gathering dust. Pull them out and show them some love!

(Apologies in advance for some of these swatches. A few of these are from the Jurassic period.)

Brucci Black Emerald

Brucci Black Emerald is perhaps about two years old now? Probably discontinued, but I know so little about Brucci that you might be able to convince me that it’s actually a confectionery company taking a risky foray into the Beauty World. If I remember correctly, there was also a fabulous blue released at the same time. As well as a polish that had something to do with trousers. (Who the hell is Chris anyway?)

Cetuem 191

Really, when I see Cetuem 191 on my nails all I really want to do is make unintelligible noises and grunts. It’s so beautiful that there are no words. Cetuem is a UK brand that somehow ended up with bottles shaped the same as Chanel (much cheaper and lighter glass though). They are indeed still in business and you can buy their lacquers online, although they are a tad on the pricy side. No idea about international shipping though as the few I own were muled by this rad girl I know named Carla.

Constance Carroll Empire

Speaking of brands from the UK, how stunning is Constance Carroll Empire? You can totally see it’s beauty despite this shitty swatch that is so old we might need to carbon date it. I found this bottle while on holiday on the Gold Coast about four years ago (who knew?) but I’ve since seen this pop up a fair bit on eBay. But I’ve never seen anyone blog it or swatch it except me. Guys, you’re hurting her feelings. She needs to hear how pretty she is and I’ve told her that many times that she’s stopped believing me.

Cutex Sweet Pea

I have a fascination with vintage Cutex polishes. I have a bunch of them. Some of them are nearly unswatchable, but oh so awesome in the bottle. Cutex Sweet Pea is not one of those shades. Not only does it look good in the bottle, but it’s swatchable AND wearable and absolutely freaking gorgeous. Sweet Pea was another pickup from eBay UK (along with Huckleberry – delish) and there are still a few auctions available. Oh wow, that swatch looks familiar…

La Femme Egyptian Gold

Okay, okay. La Femme Egyptian Gold is basically a gold, BUT I’d class it as an olive gold. And olive is green so it makes the cut on a technicality. Also it’s my blog and I’ll blog if I want to. I have a hate hate hate love hate relationship with La Femme. With the exception of two shades (this one and this crazy gorgeous blue) I’ve always been wickedly disappointed by their colours. You just don’t get the coverage, formula or depth that you’re expecting from bottle pics. But Egyptian Gold is almost enough to make me want to try more. Almost.

Mavala Electric Green

So what if the bottles are tiny? Just one look at Mavala Electric Green should be all you need to convince you to give this brand a try. It’s gorgeous. Like some sort of funky disco beetle. I bought a couple of bottles of this while in the UK last year (along with Acid Yellow – aka freaky disco banana). I’m pretty sure this one is still on the books for Mavala so if you happen to see it, give it a try. WORTH IT.

Misa Four Leaf Clover

Well I’m probably being a little mean here posting about Misa Four Leaf Clover, because unlike the majority of the rest of the greens I have posted here today, this one is rarer than hen’s teeth. I really hate that expression. Why did I use it? This one is rarer than unicorn pubes. Much better. I have no idea how old these are (anyone? Bueller?) but considering it’s in what I can only presume is an old style Misa bottle I’m guessing it’s pretty darn ancient. I bought this (and many other vintage Misa) a long time ago from a gal who found a bunch in a beauty supply in the UK (is it just me or has everything come from the UK today). This puzzles me though. What happened to all these bottles? Why aren’t there any in the US? Why doesn’t anyone else have any of these colours? They’re too good quality to be fake Misa’s. My curious brain wants answers dammit!

So that’s part one finished of my “Green Polishes You Should Lust After” series. Oh yes, tomorrow there will be more. Unless I don’t do it as planned and then this was totally only meant to be a one part thing, okay?

But before I go, here’s the GOOD news: I’ve done some digging and I’ve found where you can purchase some of these colours – RIGHT NOW! Yes, that’s right. Not only am I creating lemmings, but I’m a wicked mad enabler too. GO NUTS.

Cetuem 191
Constance Carroll Empire (UK Only, but it doesn’t hurt to ask)
Cutex Sweet Pea (UK Only, but it doesn’t hurt to ask)
La Femme Egyptian Gold
Mavala Electric Green

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  • Anonymous

    Oh Kaz, you are EVIL! But I so love you. 😉 Next to blue’s green is my second love. 🙂

    • Kaz

      I will concede, yes I am evil 😉

  • Yes more green!

    • Kaz

      YES!! 😀

  • thegirlwithabow

    *sighes and starts searching eBay for Cetuem 191*

    • Kaz

      Does their site ship international? There’s a few more I want so I might place an order.

  • Great post 🙂 was the Mavala really sheer? So pretty *strokes my green polishes so they feel the love*

    • Kaz

      Thank you! The Mavala was nowhere near as sheer as I was expecting. It still needs 2-3 coats, but it definitely builds well.

  • Kristy

    Jeez, i’m not even a huge fan of green & I am drooling over here!

    • Kaz

      Not a huge fan of green? Unfathomable! 😉

  • Tessa .

    Wow, the Cetuem polish is insanely gorgeous! I like the others too 🙂

    • Kaz

      Thank you! Green needs more love!

  • Ulmiel

    You know it’s going to be a good day when you start it with a Pretty Random post. What is more, with a GREEN Pretty Random post. Gosh, the introduction and Black Emerald description really made me laugh, you’re awesome. xD And good news, Brucci is not discontinued, I got it this year in a cool swap package! And it’s beyond awesome, brucci deserves a lot more love, also having one of my favourite green shimmers (the one with Crish and his belt xD) and blue shimmers (the almighty Sapphire) … Awesome post. Thanks for the extra lemmings. 😛 😉 

    • Kaz

      Aww what a sweet thing to say! Great news on the Brucci! I hope people can still find it fairly easily.

  • Kitties26

    I just died and went to green heaven. Cetuem 191 – O M G…

    • Kaz

      I know! I might need a backup!

  • Anonymous

    I think your super power is to incite lemmings for unobtainable nail polishes. Kind of a crappy super power, but no one does it better than you!

    The unicorn pubes thing reminds me of something my boyfriend said the other day. I made a franken top coat the other day with some sparkly color morphing pigment/powder stuff. The base was a translucent milky color. I asked my boyfriend what I should call it and he said it looked like unicorn semen (Am I allowed to say semen?). I just about choked on my cereal. I totally would have named it that if it hadn’t been intended as a gift.

    • Kaz

      Haha yeah that is a terrible super power!

      LMAO! Oh that’s gross. Ot sounds like something my boyfriend would say!

  • Lucy

    Kaz your killing me~hope your going to make these polishes for your brand.  That Cutex is my favorite.  Greens always get love from me.  That Misa polish is beyond gorgeous!!! Never saw it swatched.  I come here to see all the rare birds.  People seem to be afraid to show polishes that aren’t available anymore.  I don’t mind if they’re unavailable.  I just enjoy seeing them.  By the way, what is the color of unicorn pubes? You crack me up so much.

    • Kaz

      Haha! I’ll update todays post with my answer. I agree, more people should show off their mouldy oldies!

  • CatDan

    Green Is Gorgeous.

    • Kaz

      Indeed it is!

  • Konadlicious

    Good news!  Ceteum will start shipping Internationally online by the end of the year!

    • Kaz

      That is FANTASTIC news! I really want to pick up a few more.

  • I cannot tell you exactly how much I adore green polish. You are slaying me – first the Cutex, and then that absolutely amazeballs Misa? *ded*

    • Kaz

      Haha sorry about the slaying, I’ll try to go easier on you 😀

  • Kaz