Guppy Fruit Flavoured Booze Smelling Matte Glitter

Up until recently, to me, the only thing the word Guppy incited in me was visions of small fish, leading a sad little existence – doomed to be eaten by their bigger tank mates. Now, thanks to what I’m about to show you, I also think of sparkly nail polish that smells like flavoured vodka.

Guppy Matte Glitters
Guppy Matte Glitters 15, 13, 14, 16

Now, don’t quote me on this, but I believe Guppy to be a Korean nail polish brand. This confuses me. Sure, Guppies are beautiful – but a worthy namesake for a makeup line? I just don’t get it. Then again, I called my brand Pretty Serious when there really isn’t anything serious about it. Is the ‘Guppy’ name a failed attempt at some sort of ironic humour that is flying over my head? Does it really matter? Am I totally wasting a paragraph thinking about this? YES. YES I AM.

Above you can see four polishes from their ‘Sanding Fruit Extract’ line, which basically translates to scented matte glitters. I bought these about a year ago and they have been sitting in my helmer unloved and unswatched since then. I pulled them out for swatching this week and holybananapants am I glad I did. Confusing brand name aside, this polishes are not only cheap, BUT GORGEOUS.

Guppy Matte Glitter 15 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 15 (Glossy)

First up is 15 – Which probably could have been called something slightly more descriptive like Crystal Blue. The jelly base is a very pale blue, filled with small silver glitter particles. I used four coats to get rid of VNL as the base was so sheer. But it’s pretty. I dig it. It reminds me of Creative Nail Design Magic. As with all of these, this dries matte – but my pic is taken with wet nails. I’ll have matte shots below.

Guppy Matte Glitter 13 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 13 (Glossy)

This next shade (13) is seriously freaking gorgeous. More of a Royal Blue than our previous blue glitter – I had one of those stop and sigh moments when putting this on the nail. Only two coats this time because the jelly base was a lot more pigmented.

Guppy Matte Glitter 14 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 14 (Glossy)

Our third blue (14) leans slightly more towards a blue teal, or an Ocean Blue. This was also only two coats because of the darker base, but the formula was slightly thicker and dried a lot faster, which is why it was already starting to mattify by the time I snapped my pic.

Guppy Matte Glitter 16 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 16 (Glossy)

Last but not least is 16, a Grass Green jelly with silver glitter. I love this. This and 13 are probably my favourites of the bunch that I have so far. I used three coats and it was perfect. I only wish they had made an emerald green as well as this one.

Guppy Bottle

Above is a shot of the bottle – I’ve included it for two reasons. 1. For the price (around $3.00 inc shipping) these bottles feel like QUALITY. I absolutely LOVE frosted glass bottles. They look and feel so smooth. They are also quite heavy with a nice feeling brush too. I was very pleasantly surprised.

2. These are still available on eBay, however a seach for GUPPY will not bring these up. Searching however for CUDDV will. Poor logo design? Incompetent seller? Maybe a bit of both. Reading and comprehension skills of the seller aside, I did get these in a timely manner although if I recall correctly they weren’t packaged that well. But no breakages – the bottles are quite hardy.

Guppy Matte Glitter 15 (Matte) Guppy Matte Glitter 13 (Matte)

Guppy Matte Glitter 14 (Matte) Guppy Matte Glitter 16 (Matte)

Here are the matte versions of each polish with the picture taken after the polishes had dried (or almost dried… I’m an impatient woman). The matte look is almost as nice as the glossy – the glitter gives it a sort of brushed steel look. These are very clever and I am surprised that this sort of finish hasn’t been done by some of the bigger global brands. Maybe we’ll see something like this from them in the future.

The scent is a lot more… smellable? once they are dry. But due to the fact that these also have a strong underlying chemically smell, mixed with the fruit flavour it just comes off smelling like booze. Which is potentially a good or bad thing depending on whether or not you have a hangover.

I purchased these from eBay for around $3.00 each with free shipping. There are 18 colours available, of which I own 8. I’ll be showing off my other four tomorrow. Definitely worth a shot for the price.

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  • Dana ?


    • Kaz

      YOU NEED

  • Nicole

    Those looks pretty awesome! Although the green doesn’t look too matte but I can use my
    Matte top coat if I want it extra dull. Thanks for sharing these! Also- the paragraph “wasted” on the name wasn’t a waste to me! I’d have done the same thing! :)

    • Kaz

      I probably just didn’t let it dry enough because I wanted to move on to the next swatch LOL

  • Joanne Ting

    Thanks for the great swatches! I’ve been debating whether to get these, and after seeing your swatches I definitely will 😀 Do you know whether no. 14 is a dupe of China Glaze Dorothy Who?

    • Kaz

      Dorothy Who is much lighter than 14. It’s sort of a cross between all three of those blues. It’s sheer like 15, but it’s got some of the brightness that would fit in between 13 and 14.

  • Phyrra

    Wow I love 14

    • Kaz

      It’s REALLY beautiful. Definitely amongst my faves.

  • Prettypurplepolish

    These look nice good price too! *wanders off to eBay*

    • Kaz

      You won’t be disappointed!

  • Kaz

    You do! These are too cheap and beautiful to pass on!

  • Kaz

    LOL I was quite surprised when trying to figure out the smell. They tried to cover up those chemicals with a fruit scent, bless ’em. hehe

  • Kaz

    I’m glad I took a chance on them and I’m definitely planning on picking up a few more!

  • Lani Rowell

    Gorgeous! Although now I have the Bubble Guppies theme song in my head. My 1 year loves that show.

    • Kaz

      LOL! I have no idea what that is but I think I might have to go youtube it now!

  • Jacqui

    YESSSSSSS! These are all absolutely gorgeous! But let’s be honest, you had me at “smells like flavored vodka.”

    • Kaz

      Hahaha I thought that might be a selling point for a lot of people!

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