Guppy Fruit Flavoured Booze Smelling Matte Glitters: Pink Edition

I don’t know what it is about these polishes, I just love them. Sure, they’re more chemical laden than a 25 year old OPI and the paltry attempt to hide the smell by covering it up with a fruit scent has indeed left them smelling like a Vodka Cruiser but I think they are just fab.

Guppy, you win points at originality for these. I haven’t seen anyone else do matte glitter. You still fail at scent, but a huge win for innovation.

Guppy Matte Glitters
Guppy Matte Glitters #02, #06, #11

I didn’t pick up any of the pink shades with my first order and I’m pretty sure that’s because the pics that the eBay seller was using to sell them were really terrible. Basically, they all looked the same but having seen how different the ones I bought were from their online avatar I thought I’d take a leap of faith and see if I ended up with some interesting pinks. And well, it paid off.

Guppy Matte Glitter #11 Guppy Matte Glitter #11
Guppy Matte Glitter #11 L: Wet, R: Dry

#11 is a gorgeous magenta jelly with silver glitter. This one even looks amazing in the bottle. I was so thrilled when I opened this one. It’s dark and sparkly yet still so girlishly pink. Very cool indeed.

Guppy Matte Glitter #02 Guppy Matte Glitter #02
Guppy Matte Glitter #02 L: Wet, R: Dry

#02 is a Barbie pink jelly with silver glitter. I love the way this looks when it dries matte. It’s not really a shade of pink that I would find myself wearing fairly often, but the matte effect with the chunky glitter gives it that little something extra. Thumbs up, Guppy.

Guppy Matte Glitter #06 Guppy Matte Glitter #06
Guppy Matte Glitter #06 L: Wet, R: Dry

Finally, #06 is a darker, corally, more salmony pink than #02. I like this a lot too. The matte effect especially turns it up a notch. All three of these are killer and I’m glad I grabbed them when I did.

The seller that once sold these on eBay is no longer selling so I have absolutely no idea where anyone can get their hands on these. I still have two more (purples!) to swatch and post which I’ll hopefully get to in the next week or so.

If you’d like to read about my previous adventures in nail polish that smells like cheap cocktails, click here and here!

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  • Kaz

    There has to be a way to get them somewhere.

  • April Croft

    Ooooh gorgeous! Never seen anything like this before, awesome post as always Kaz!

    • Kaz

      Thanks so much April! 😉