Guppy Fruit Flavoured Booze Smelling Matte Glitters – THE SEQUEL

You know, whenever anyone titles anything with “The Sequel” the first thing to pop into my mind is Spaceballs. “Spaceballs The Sequel: The Search for More Money.” *sigh* If only they had made that. I freakin love that movie.

Guess what I’ve decided to watch later today… Anywho, onwards great warriors to the second part of my Guppy Fruit Flavoured Booze Smelling Matte Glitter Extravaganza.

Guppy Matte Glitters
Guppy Matte Glitters 12, 07, 08, 01

So these are the other four shades that I picked up – 12, 07, 08 and 01 respectively. Unusual choices for me, no purple to be found although it’s on my eBay watch list right now (CUDDV FTW). As with yesterdays post you can see how lovely these look lined up in their pretty frosted glass bottles. I really think I’m going to end up buying all of these. The upside – buying the remaining ten will only set me back thirty bucks.

Guppy Matte Glitter 12 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 12 (Glossy)

First up is the black shade or “12” if you want to get technical. I was probably the most disappointed in this one out of the whole batch. The base was less of a jelly and more of a creme, which really didn’t give the silver glitter much depth. It wound up looking like a regular black creme with silver glitter. Plus, it mattified annoyingly fast too. I had to put on some top coat to get this pic. It was thick too. Can you even thin mattes? Anyone? Bueller?

Guppy Matte Glitter 07 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 07 (Glossy)

Next up is 07, a warm red shade. I like this one a lot. The red jelly base turned the silver glitter pink with each corresponding layer that I added. This is three coats. I normally lean towards more neutral or blue based reds because of my pale skin, but I really like this one.

Guppy Matte Glitter 08 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 08 (Glossy)

08 reminds me of Fanta. Not the freaky weird natural looking Fanta that you can buy in the UK, but the neon orange, teeming with artifical flavours and preservatives Fanta that you find in supermarkets here in Australia. I’ve had a thing for orange polish lately and I really dig this one too. The silver glitter is like the bubbles!

Guppy Matte Glitter 01 (Glossy)
Guppy Matte Glitter 01 (Glossy)

You know, I don’t think I remember the last time I saw a yellow glitter. Gold, yes. But yellow? No. And this is FREAKING GORGEOUS. 01 is my favourite of the colours I’ve shown you today and my pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s so sparkly and beautiful that I’m thinking of filing the whole ‘yellow glitter’ idea away for Pretty Serious in the future.

Guppy Matte Glitter 12 (Matte) Guppy Matte Glitter 07 (Matte)

Guppy Matte Glitter 08 (Matte) Guppy Matte Glitter 01 (Matte)

As these dry matte, these shots are of the dried (or partially so – time is money) versions of each of the shades that I have previewed today. I prefer them glossy, but I can see the beauty in their matte finishes as well.

I definitely need to pick more of these up from eBay (remember, search CUDDV not GUPPY) and for the $3.00 price tag, I’d be crazy not to. Off to eBay! RUN!

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  • Konadlicious

    LOL, bought some yesterday…now after these swatches I gotta go back and get more!!

    • Kaz

      Don’t worry, I’m doing the same!

  • Kaz

    Hahah you make it sound like I had to twist your arm! 😛

  • Shatter_me_Claire

    It’s all about merchandising 😀 That’s where the real money is made 😉  I so badly want “Spaceballs the Flame Thrower”!!

    These are so pretty!!!  I’ll have to wait til after my no buy though 🙁 *sobs*

    • Kaz

      I ended up watching the Blu-ray last night. Never fails to make me laugh. I could take some business lessons from the everlasting knowitall – YOGURT!

      Don’t worry – like I said to Alanna – I bought these forever ago so they’ll likely all be around for some time to come.

  • nat_elocin

    Oh honey, you just persuaded me to buy them all after the first post I read earlier today. One of the polishes was out of stock but small matter. It’s crazy, Kaz, I just keep buying the polishes you blog about, either before or after you blog about them! At this rate, I’m not even gonna be able to swatch the polishes I just bought from YOU, let alone review them! 

    • Kaz

      LOL!! Well it’s obvious that we both have superb taste then!

  • Alanna PrettyPurplePolish

    I was hoping you also bought the black, that’s one I was watching. I’m going to try to resist these until August, I’m still going strong for no buy July! 

    • Kaz

      You go girl! I bought these polishes ages ago. I’m pretty sure they’ll be around for ages to come.

  • 08 is phenomenal!! I’ve been eyeing these bad boys for a while, I think I’m going to finally have to pull the trigger.

    • Kaz

      For the price, they’re low risk and high reward! I gotta get me the purple, silver at at least one pink!

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