Gyakuten Kenji LE now up for Pre-Order from Play Asia

I’ve been obsessed with all that is Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright for about a month now, and I’m about half way through Gyakuten Saiban 4/Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Gyuakuten Kenji is the next game in the series, although it has been made abundantly clear that this game is NOT a Gyakuten Saiban game and will play differently and contain no court scenes. It will however use a number of characters from Gyakuten Saiban, most notably Miles Edgeworth, the games protagonist – Phoenix Wright’s Prosecutor rival.

Gyakuten Kenji LE

Not much is known about the game at this stage, as Capcom have kept it on the hush hush. Many other previously known characters will appear in the game, such as Franziska Von Karma and Detective Gumshoe, but no word on Phoenix Wright as yet.

I’m so very very tempted by this, but hot damn that’s a lot of moolah. I’ll have to sleep on it. Trailer can be viewed below. English subbed for your understanding pleasure. :yes:


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