Day 6: High End Pretties

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Clarins
Chanel Ciel De Nuit & Vert Sacrilege, Louis Vuitton Gold, Clarins 230

I’m by no means a brand snob. My ninety nine cent polishes sit happily with my Rescue Beauty Lounge and Chanel polishes and I love all of them equally. In fact, there are probably a few of my cheap finds that I love more than any of my high end stuff, but a few of them like the ones above are real treasures! It’s not about the name on the bottle or the price tag – it’s all about the colour!

Chanel Ciel De Nuit
Chanel Ciel De Nuit (aka Night Sky)

If you’d like to lay the blame for the craze over Night Sky polishes, then look no further than Chanel’s Ciel De Nuit. I believe this was released in 1998, spawning a whole army of “dupes” and “lookalikes”, starting with Essie’s much loved Starry Starry Night. The funny thing is, the Essie now sells for ridiculous amounts whenever it pops up on eBay, whereas the Chanel is the original and I was able to get my hands on it pretty cheap. I have a plethora of Night Sky polishes and I do plan on doing a comparison post in the very near future, but I honestly don’t think that any of them – even Starry Starry Night trumps Ciel De Nuit.

Chanel Vert Sacrilege
Chanel Vert Sacrilege

Chanel has only ever done three greens to the best of my knowledge (not counting any of the sheer translucide polishes, I think there may be a green one of those), that being Devious (which I do not have), 2009’s wildly popular Jade (which I do have), and finally Vert Sacrilege, which I am thrilled to say that I own.

Chanel Vert Sacrilege
Chanel Vert Sacrilege

Vert Sacrilege is a beautiful greyed out green that seems murky with the first coat – I liken it to Zoya’s Suvi. But once the second coat is applied, this wonderful glow starts to emanate from the polish. People talk all the time about polishes being lit from within but Vert Sacrilege definitely can back that claim up and then some. The murkiness that actually made me swap away Zoya Suvi disappears with two coats of Vert Sacrilege. It’s smooth and rich and three coats (as seen in my swatches) seems to be the sweet spot. Vert Sacrilege isn’t as hard to find as some older Chanels, so if you want it bad enough all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled and one will likely turn up.

Louis Vuitton Gold
Louis Vuitton Gold

Louis Vuitton Gold is every bit as luxurious and fabulous as it looks. This polish is simply amazing. For years I tried my hardest to dupe it, and the closest I came was an old L’oreal by the name of Pure Gold. It’s close shade wise, but it lacks that dazzle! Actually owning LV Gold felt like a pipe dream for me. But one must never give up.

Louis Vuitton Gold
Louis Vuitton Gold

Louis Vuitton’s gold polish was never actually sold at retail. There were 3 different sets in total, Gold & Brown, Red & Pearl and Green also. I’m not sure what colour the Green came with. They were given as gifts to Louis Vuitton’s VIC’s (very important customers). Now the sets pop up on eBay for around the $200 mark. I was lucky enough to nab the gold all by its lonesome for $14.00. Yep. That’s right. Fourteen bucks.

My last polish for this little series of mine needs no introduction.

Clarins 230
Clarins 230

If you are a member of MakeUpAlley’s Nail Board, then you won’t even need to read the fine print below the above pic to know exactly what this is. It goes by many names, usually related to the bodily functions of Unicorns, Dragons or Fairies, but I know it by its given name. Clarins 230.

Clarins 230
Clarins 230 over purple

This polish is the source of SO much controversy, thousands of MUA posts, eBay auctions selling for $230… craziness. I love my 230. But when it comes down to it, it’s just a polish. These are all just polishes. I’d give them all up in a heartbeat to feed my family or to raise money for something essential. To pay $230 for a single nail polish is completely unfathomable to me. I could buy so much with that money. Rather than spend that money on myself, I have found that over the last 12 months, I’ve spent a lot of money on other people. Gifts, surprises, RAOK’s… much more fulfilling than spending $200+ on one polish for yourself.

MUA is a community filled to the brim with caring, wonderful and GENEROUS ladies. When you make friends and help other people you’ll find that you won’t need to spend that much on your elusive unicorn. It will make its way to you.

Clarins 230
Clarins 230 over purple

My Clarins 230 was a gift. A lovely surprise from an amazing woman who I would help any day of the week. Just as so many of the polishes I have looked at this week have been too. And over the next 12 months, I hope to keep helping ladies find their impossible polishes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some packages to go and wrap up ;D

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  • MM that polish is very beautiful, but definitely not worth $230!!! Insane. But it sure does look great! haha.

  • Lucy

    x3Thank so much for showing these beauties. I didn’t know about any of them till I started reading blogs. Of course I don’t have any of them. You should do a post on how to find these type of polishes on ebay. I’ve never shopped it and don’t really know what to look for.

  • I paid A LOT for both Ciel de Nuit and SSN; strangely enough, I prefer SSN (despite the fact that I spent more for CdN). I like the brighter blue versus the dark navy blue of CdN.

    I’d like a chance at 230, but I’m not going to jump hoops or give nb trolls on ebay $230 for it. It’s one of those polishes (along with Zulu) that I don’t even entertain the idea of owning just because of the insanity that comes with stalking it…I about went crazy in my pursuit of SSN!

  • IceRozie

    Wheeeee! what a grand way to kick out the Old and Cheer in the New Year!Mani mani great wishes to yououou for 2010!
    A true ‘Augenweide’ ((Elysium for the eyes), all these enigmatic ones together (and hotties boheme and Dgreen too *dreamz*) – they are such HGs to me that I wouldn’t even dare to put them on my w/l…some things mustn’t be asked for LOL!
    which reminds me: I have something greeeen for you – MUA mail me pls 😀

  • phdskin

    what an amazing conclusion to a wonderful series of posts. can’t wait to see what you have in store for this year. thanks and happy new year 🙂

  • I came across your article, i think your blog is interesting, keep us posting.

  • Kaz

    That’s awesome! It’s pretty cool when you find out something you have is worth a ton!

  • Savage6980

    CdN was released in 1997. It was the result of a “design-the-line” contest that was won by a 15 year old girl. I remember because I was 17 and I coveted the hell out of that polish, but later that year I found a dupe by Orly that I loved even more. I wish I could remember the name of the Orly polish. I *think* it was Away in a Manger.

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