Highly Recommended – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Time Waits for No One

I’m writing about this movie here because it definitely doesn’t fit in over at my B-Movie sister site. Not a full review, merely a strategic prod to get you to go and experience this flick for yourselves.

I must say, this movie definitely deserves a second watch. Simply because I didn’t give it the proper attention it deserved. I was *pinches fingers together* this close to finishing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (underwhelming. But thats another blog altogether), and it wasn’t until about 30 minutes in that the DS took a backseat to the TV.

I didn’t miss anything important, but I still feel like I should watch it again, simply because it was gorgeous and I loved it. It deserves nothing less than my full attention. But yes, the story.

Makoto is a normal enough teenage girl. A little tomboyish, yes. She sees no problem in spending her time hanging out with her two best guy friends Chiyoki and Kousuke playing baseball after school, and doesn’t seem too concerned about what she is going to do with her life after graduation. But after what seems like a disastrous day at school where everything has gone wrong, she slips and falls on a strange walnut looking device in one of the labs. On her way home, Makoto avoids a fatal bike collision with a train, by somehow moving back a few minutes in time. After speaking with her aunt, who knows a bit about what she is experiencing, Makoto discovers she has the ability to leap through time and can move backwards and forwards at will.

At first, she uses her new found ability for silly, trivial things, like turning one hour of karaoke into ten, and going back in order to stop her younger sister eating the pudding she left in the fridge. She turns that disastrous day into a perfect one, but before long she realises that meddling with the way things should be might be great for her, but it causes a lot of suffering for others.

She starts using leaps to change back what she has changed, which seems to result in even more disasters and soon discovers a mark on her arm showing a number. Every time she leaps, that number drops by one. Soon she finds herself in the worst possible predicament. No leaps left, and one of her best friends life in danger. Something unexpected saves the day, but I’m not going to spoil that for you.

It’s a very touching and powerful movie – if not due to the absolute normalcy of the characters involved. The dialogue was real and funny. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Also, I must warn everyone to make their own conclusions of the rather ambiguous ending. If you try and dwell on it too much, or read too much of what others thought after thinking about it too much, you’ll miss the sweet and simple conclusion. Sometimes the best answers are the easiest ones.

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