Hotel Dusk: Forgive Me, But it’s Just Not Happening For Me Yet…

Hotel Dusk Room 215I’ve been looking forward to playing this game. It was first on my list to play after I finished Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (even though I ended up going on to play Apollo Justice, and a little Trauma Center), and I finally started it on Saturday.

It’s very stylish, seems cool and the protagonist, although a bit rough around the edges, is likable. There’s just one problem. Two hours of play time and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET.

I’m confused. I want to like this game. Small things have piqued my interest, but not enough to keep me playing obsessively until four in the morning. I just haven’t been able to get into it. I wonder if it is meant to have a slow start.

Kyle Hyde is a former NYC policeman, who has left the force for reasons unknown in search of his former partner, who for some reason doesn’t want to be found. He’s now working as a door to door salesman for a friend of his father, which is really just a front for some sort of private detective business. He has been sent to Hotel Dusk to retrieve a couple of items, but when he arrives he discovers that his partner had stayed there six months prior, using his name.

Hotel Dusk Room 215

There’s a bunch of other little mysteries going on with questionable characters adding to the questions. It’s got a very “Identity” feel to it (probably the whole hotel thing), but I swear if they are all dead in the end, I’m throwing my DS out the window.

The game is played side on, so you hold your DS like a book. An interesting little feature too is the notepad, which allows you to scrawl notes about who you meet and what you see. Interesting yes, but also quite scary. I’m constantly paranoid about missing a vital piece of information so I’m always writing everything down. It’s also set in 1979, so the dialogue (especially from Louis) is great. The black and white sketch artwork too is quite trippy, and the use of colour for the characters is clever.

I’ll no doubt give it another shot, but here’s hoping the story picks up soon. I think playing the Ace Attorney games may have spoiled me a little. They are always pretty up front about the story, whereas Hotel Dusk is just that little bit more mysterious.

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