In Search Of: Streetwear Edition

Greetings gals! As many of you know, I maintain databases for a bunch of discontinued lines but the first one I started back in the day was Streetwear. It’s come a long way (over 200 pictures now) but I’m still missing photographs of a few polishes and I bet there’s even more that I don’t even know exist yet. You guys have been a fantastic help in making these guides a success and I’m calling on your help again! Do any of you own or know where I could find information (codes, photographs) on any of the following:

Buzz ???? ??
Buzz Factor ???? ??
Dancin Shoes 4716 02
Dreamy 6167 37
Fraidy Cat 1097 35
Frost ???? ??
Harmony 0717 01
Kindasorta ???? ??
Krypton 6737 02 (Located!)
Lava 6737 03
Moon Baby 5787 03
Moss ???? ??
Oxygen 7054 03
Sea Green ???? ??
Totally Tarantula 1097 34
Wild Child ???? ??
Yeah Baby 4613 01 (Located!)

The list is shrinking, but I need your help to get rid of it all together! Perhaps you have a Streetwear shade that’s not in my guide or my list – even better! Let me know by emailing me at and I’ll love you even more than I already do!

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