It’s a Pretty Serious Sale!

Pardon the pun. When it comes to the name of my company I just can’t help myself.

We unveiled the awesome news on Twitter and Facebook last night that for the next week we’re taking 50% off all individual items in the Hello World! line. Yep, that’s right. Nail polishes, lip glosses and loose shadows all down to an amazing $4.95 for one week only (or until sold out).

At time of publishing this entry the sale starts in just over twelve hours. It runs until midnight next Sunday night so feel free to share this info around, as well as our nerdy little sale banner above. I know a lot of you that are planning to order aren’t in Australia, so I thought I’d include this handy clock to help those of you outside of my time zone to work out when to start shopping.

Next week is a HUGE week for Pretty Serious so stay glued to our twitter and facebook pages as we plan to unveil something VERY AWESOME INDEED!

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