New Goodies from Japan!!


This EMS box… it was HEAVY. Heavy with AWESOME. Man, I’m just gonna skip the chit chat and get to the good stuff. I’ll start you off on something light.

Japan Haul
French Bon Bon, Essie Movers & Shakers, Homei Glitter HM 13. The Homei has moons, stars and butterflies!

Japan Haul
A coupla DHC. C17 & B10.

Japan Haul
Savvy Brownie 17 & 23, Color Club Forsythe Blue Hawaiian & Fresh Mint

Next… come my new Hard Candys…:hehe:

Japan Haul
Sex Pistol, Sissy, Cloud, Sky, Exxtasy

Japan Haul
Navel, Sunshine, Flaming, Heist

Japan Haul
Chronic, Greed, Tantrum, Sushi. Edit. Tantrum actually came from a lovely friend, but I couldnt resist taking its pic with its lovely green sisters!

Japan Haul
Hick, Manic, Earth, Frigid

Japan Haul
Angel, Weenie, Sugar Daddy, Tantrum

Japan Haul
Gold Digger, Dork, Fuzz, Kung Fu

And finally… the crowning jewel…


Ciel De Nuit
Who’s that girl?

Ooh la la!

This is literally months worth of auctions that I saved up to get shipped together. Feels like christmas. Now, I usually get a bunch of comments asking how and where so I’ll post a few notes.

A few notes about shopping in Japan.
– Most sellers WILL NOT ship outside Japan. You will need a Japanese friend, or a mail forwarding service.
– If you use a bidding agent, be prepared to pay up to three times what you paid for the polish in fees and shipping. I may have scored some bargains, but I have also paid a LOT for a lot of these, by the time they reach my door – and I am close to Japan!
– Yahoo Japan is HARD to navigate. If you can’t read Japanese, it helps to use a translation service.

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  • Lucy

    :shock:I was wondering how three polishes was heavy! Then I looked further! I love how you put everything together by shade. It’s polish porn/88|!
    Love them all. Are these different Hard Candy polishes than the ones sold by Walmart? For some reason Weenie and Chronic are jumping out at me. Nice that you got all of these. I love when I get a nice big box of goodies. Even though I paid for them, it’s still like Christmas to me too.:laa:

  • Kaz


    These are the old original Hard Candy polishes. Same company as the Walmart ones, but these are from the mid to late 90’s 🙂