Streetwear Swatches Day 2: Nothing Says The Holidays Like A Little Glitter!

Streetwear Swatches Please!

I was going to save this post until the end of the week, but as I knew some of these would require sun swatches and I am at work all week, I got these done on Sunday, so therefore you get to see them sooner! Streetwear is well known for creating some of the most outrageous, out there glitters that are very much sought after today. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the following four without having to drop *too* much cash. Well, I guess that’s subjective anyway! :hehe:

Streetwear Oct 31st Streetwear Rudolph
Revlon Streetwear Oct 31st & Rudolph

Oct 31st is the white whale of many a Streetwear collector. The unusual combination of black micro glitter and fiery orange round and bar glitter screams Halloween. This polish is definitely a treat rather than a trick. I found it best to layer over a black creme base, not only does it make the orange stand out more, but you use far less of the precious polish! It’s dense enough to wear on its own, but it would take at least three coats for opacity. This is two coats over a regular black creme. This polish also looks stunning over purple.

Rudolph is pretty much what you would expect. Shining, Christmassy red. To be perfectly honest, there isn’t really much special about Rudolph. I was thrilled to get the polish simply because I am a collector and it is a rarity, but when you break it down it’s really only just red glitter. There are plenty of other less expensive options out there if you aren’t looking specifically for this Streetwear. The glitter is quite densely packed, but once again layering is the best option. I think this would take four coats for opacity. This is two, layered over Sally Hansen Cherry Bomb.

Streetwear Grinch Streetwear Christmas Tree
Revlon Streetwear Grinch & Christmas Tree

Grinch was a gift from a lovely friend that I still can’t quite believe she was kind enough to give to me. Like Rudolph, Grinch is just straight up green glitter, but there’s still something incredibly magical about this polish that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s just because I love green so much, but this glitter is stupid pretty. I even took a sun swatch to try and catch that extra sparkle. This is two coats layered over Streetwear Forest, which you may just see later this week!

Christmas Tree is straight up green and red bar glitter in a clear base. Quite simple and very stunning. Bar glitter isn’t for everyone though. I’m pretty sure I heard someone on MUA say it reminded them of hairy legs today! :wut: haha! I am a fan however, and two coats of Christmas Tree over black is sparkle city sweetheart!

My Verdict: Streetwear glitters are incredible. They weren’t stingy on the glitter particles in the slightest, and weren’t afraid to mix up strange concoctions or to use Black Glitter (they are one of the few brands I have seen dabble with black glitter and get great results). If you collect Streetwears you can’t go wrong holding on to anything with glitter. They are usually rare and also highly swappable!

Possible Dupes
Oct 31st: None known! This is one unique polish! Sally Hansen Witches Brew and China Glaze Fortune Teller have similar colours used, although there is no string glitter in either. Also Jordana Wicked is a orange glitter in a black base, although not as bright or dense. But its currently available on Cherry Culture.
Rudoplh: Pretty much any red glitter in a clear base will suffice. Color Club’s Art of Seduction is a good alternative.
Grinch: Icing Lucky Charm is a bang on dupe. Color Club Object of Envy would also be close, although I suspect that is a little closer to Hard Candy’s Grinch with slightly larger glitter particles.
Christmas Tree: None known, but its not hard to franken if you have some clear polish, red bar glitter & green bar glitter!

Where Can I buy? As I said yesterday, unfortunately hitting eBay is pretty much the only way to find these polishes now. But if you do plan on collecting, do not despair! They do show up, and often! My collection went from around 15 to 150 in a little over a year! Happy hunting!

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  • Claudia

    You have one of the best StreetWear collections! I am in awe!
    I have been featuring all the SW polish I own on my blog, and have been trying to figure out how to swatch the glitter ones… It is driving me a bit batty! I am tempted to just do bottle shots and call it a day!
    Any input you might have would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again for the swatches :dance:

  • Nixxy

    Xmas Tree is so gorgeous. I smell a franken in the air!

  • Kaz

    Claudia – Thanks! I would suggest photographing them in sunlight if you can, or under a day bulb. Its also usually always best to layer them either over black, or a similar base colour. I will have to check out your swatches!

    Nixx – Dude you franken that mofo!

  • Belle

    Salivating here. Fab swatches as usual. These are the ones I want the most! Your pictures convinced me to start collecting “vintage” nail polishes like Street Wear. :)

  • Belle

    Your photos convinced me to start collecting Street Wears and other vintage polishes. Thank you. :) These are really pretty.

  • Ashley A.

    These are *really* pretty. Period. 😀

  • Kaz

    Belle – Too cool! Vintage polish is SO fascinating to me. Anyone can head to the shops and buy what’s current, but the thrill of the hunt for older stuff makes it worth it for me!

    Ashley – They are indeed! I have more in store for this week!

  • Jess/aclockstopped

    I remember owning these when I was little. Gahhhh they are so beautiful!!!!

    I love the StreetWear posts!! 😀 Keep em coming, please! 😀

  • Kaz

    Will do Jess! 😀

  • Outre

    oct. 31st… one day you shall be mine :drl:x3

    That’s what I tell myself… yes.

    The dusty that had bazillion streetwears for cheap in NYC seems to be dried up. Last time I went there, there was tons of poopy burnt and watery grass stain and nothing good.

    Did score fever which I don’t own.

  • Kaz

    You’ll find it one day, I’m sure! Fever is a great polish. Nice score!