Last Chance On These Bloom Shades

Don’t you just hate it when the good things get discontinued? Pepsi Blue… Jungle Curry Kettle Chips… Clarins 230… Parker Lewis Can’t Lose… Now to add to that prestigious list – Bloom Jessica Mauboy I & II. *CRY*

Yep, I have it on authority from a sales rep at the flagship store that the Jessica Mauboy designer shades have been discontinued. At present, Jessica Mauboy II (Green) seems to still be available for purchase on the Bloom Website, but JM I is indeed goneski. I managed to pick up a bottle for a friend in a Myer store discounted from $19.95 to $6.00 a couple of months ago so keep your eyes peeled.

There is one other way to get your hands on these lovely shades though…

B by Bloom Edinburgh & Adelaide

And that’s the B by Bloom range from Target! Yay! Basically, the B by Bloom range is Bloom shades rebottled and named after cities around the world. If I remember correctly, they are one or two ml smaller and retail for $12.95 instead of $19.95 like the regular line. They are also exclusive to Target stores. Because I have a bad habit of swapping away Aussie polishes with the belief that I can always get them again later – My Jessica Mauboy shades are long gone. So I picked myself up Edinburgh (JM II) and Adelaide (JM I). Fantastico! (Geez, I really should have cleaned up that bottle before taking my photos huh?)

B by Bloom Edinburgh

B by Bloom Edinburgh is a beautiful, smoky dark green shimmer. I’m pretty sure due to my distaste for Jessica Mauboy and the Idol format as a whole, I renamed my original bottle Bloom Awesomesauce. Imagine my surprised when Bloom linked to my entry from their facebook page. While the review for the polish was glowing, the circumstances under which is was created and named were heavily criticised by me. I guess they have a sense of humour down there at Bloom HQ. Anyhow, swatch above is two coats of delicious perfection.

B by Bloom Adelaide

B by Bloom Adelaide is simply gorgeous. The bottle swatch of JM I on Bloom’s website never really did this colour justice – it wasn’t until I saw a swatch on Enamel Coated that I knew I needed to own it asap. I’ve swatched this in the past too, but this time I didn’t take pictures when I was drunk. My new ones appear to be in focus. Hooray for progress. Two coats again and can I just rave rave rave about the Bloom formula? They might be pricey but boy howdy are they maginificent.

B by Bloom Adelaide

Here’s a close up bottle shot of Adelaide. It disappears a little on the nail due to the deep red jelly base, but get a load of that pink and gold microshimmer throughout! Truly gorgeous.

Bloom Jessica Mauboy I Bloom Jessica Mauboy II

Here’s my old swatches of the Bloom counterparts to these B by Bloom shades. The lighting is a tad different in these shots because they are much older but I can assure you these shades are EXACTLY the same. The whole Bloom library has been duplicated into this Target line, but if you want Edinburgh or Adelaide I suggest you act fast. If they have been discontinued in their Bloom form, it’s highly likely that they will be discontinued in their Target form also. I would suspect the two would come from the same source and the same batches and if they were still mixing these shades I’d assume the JM’s would still be available.

So hurry! You don’t want to miss out on these! These are two of Bloom’s finest creations and I think ever polish lover should have them among their collection!


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  • Anonymous

    Oooh. *drool* Your swatches are stunning! 

    • Kaz

      Aww thank you!! 🙂

  • Buggsiebee

    All those acetone fumes must’ve gone to your head.
    Imagine giving your sensational Bloom JM I find away to some crazy old nail polish junkie on the other end of the world??
    LUCKY me:))))
    U’re the best. THANK YOU!!!

    • Kaz

      LOL I am so glad they have gone to such a loving home! And I am more than happy with my B shades as replacements! 😀

  • Kaz

    Of course not! Synchronise Swatches! 😀 Thanks for your kind comments about my nails too – they are a bit uneven at the moment and I’m very self concious about them!

  • Kaz

    Unfortunately, these are only sold in Australian Target stores – Bloom don’t sell polish outside AU. I probably should have mentioned that in my review!

  • Kaz

    Yes you should!

  • Kaz

    You definitely should!

  • Dia

    Both are beautiful!!! :,( And you know, Crystal Pepsi was pretty good.  Nobody’s gonna bemoan it being gone? 😛

    • Kaz

      We never got Crystal Pepsi over here. But I bet it would have been awesome!

  • Lucy

    Gorgeous colors.  Darn, not sold in Target here.  Guess I’ll live!

    • Kaz

      Such a shame, they are beauties!