L’oreal LE L’Or Electric LOVE


I’m sorry. Couldn’t help myself. So L’oreal has discontinued their Resist & Shine line and come out with cute little mini polishes in a variety of colours. I’m pretty sure the minis are all core now, but the first three that we saw as part of the L’Or Electric collection for Cannes Film Festival have quite possibly been given the arse already. May I emphasise how sad this is? Because these are GORGEOUS.

Majestic Green, Mystic Blue, Magic Croisette

Now, I’m not sure what these three amazing colours had to do with Cannes, but holy balls I think L’oreal might be probing my thoughts while I sleep because I honestly think these three colours are perfect. I should have snapped a photo of the brush however because I’m pretty sure you could paint your house with it, but colour wise, these three tick the coveted ‘boxes of hotness’ for me. Right up there next to Niall Matter and Gambit.


Sorry, what were we talking about again? OH yes, nail polish.

L'oreal Majestic Green

Majestic Green deserves the royal title. Honestly. This golden chartreuse is what would happen if China Glaze Moonpool and Cat’s Eye got freaky. It’s bright, garish and oh so beautiful. You need it. Are you listening to me? NEED.

L'oreal Mystic Blue

The mystic thing for me about Mystic Blue is the fact that it’s actually purple. I don’t know, maybe I’m colourblind and seeing it differently to the rest of the world, but I honestly, 100% totally think this is purple. It’s also jaw droppingly amazing, but yes, purple. I know my photo looks more blue, but you gotta believe me it’s purple, I swear.

L'oreal Magic Croisette

I gotta know, what the hell is a Magic Croisette? My brain reads it as ‘Magic Croissant’ so henceforth that’s what this polish shall be. I don’t know if that sentence is grammatically correct but I’m going to roll with it. Magic Croissant is an amazing blue that reminds me of the sea, with a delicate green shimmer. It reminds me of a bluer version of YSL Wintergreen.

If you can still get your hands on these polishes I strongly suggest you do. All the displays that I have seen recently have been empty or almost empty so I would imagine time is running out. They retail for $6.95 each so they aren’t going to break the bank and trust me when I say, SO WORTH IT.

This is old. But I saw it again the other day and laughed so hard. I know I usually save this junk for Saturdays but I couldn’t resist. Anxious spinning dog FTW!

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  • The Promenade de la Croisette (Little Cross Drive) is the street where the Cannes Film Festival is held. The name still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    • Kaz

      Ahh thanks for that!!

  • Kristy

    Stunning pics of these beauties

    • Kaz

      Thanks love!

  • Kaz

    I was wondering about that, Aussie bloggers seem to be the only ones I’ve seen swatching these.

  • Kaz

    Haha yes the dog is amazing!

  • Kaz

    Thank you! I wonder if these have been released anywhere else other than Australia?

  • Kaz

    I know, right? 😀