My Favourite Reds

A nasty break has prevented me from swatching any more this week, so I haven’t been able to prepare any more dupe posts. But I do feel like posting so I thought I would go back through my flickr and pick out some old swatches to share.

I’ve found myself really into the classic beauty of a good red lately. I bought a really cheap Face of Australia polish called Sold Out (no swatch yet) and it is the perfect pinup red. I used to hate cremes with a passion – I think that’s because they are a lot more difficult to apply than shimmers and glitters, but now that I am a lot more steady and precise with my application I’ve found that creme polishes have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Like I said though, these are old swatches so I think there is only one creme amongst them, but these are my favourites.

Revlon Get Reddy Sally Hansen Prisms Ruby Emerald
Revlon Get Reddy, Sally Hansen Prisms Ruby Emerald

Revlon Get Reddy is one of the many red shimmers with gold flash that I own. It’s bright, glowy and gorgeous. I believe Get Reddy is part of Revlon’s core line, but I am pretty sure the colour has changed. This is an older bottle. The new Get Reddy looks much darker and less gold in the bottle to me.

Sally Hansen Ruby Emerald is my second favourite prism after Turquoise Opal. The bottle looks amazing – you can really see a rainbow on different angles. This polish is also believed to be a dupe of La Boheme. I haven’t tried them side by side yet, but different formula aside I do think these two might be very close indeed.

Bloom Jessica Mauboy I Hard Candy Stop
Bloom Jessica Mauboy I, Hard Candy Stop

Bloom Jessica Mauboy I is nothing short of amazing. It’s deep, sparkly and glowy. I was pleasantly surprised by this one – from the promo shots that I saw when it was released last year, it looked like a brown shade, but those colour dots can certainly be deceiving. If you have an opportunity to grab this one, whatever you do don’t pass on it! It’s too pretty to miss out on!

Hard Candy Stop is one of my faves from the old Hard Candy line. I only wish that the gold sparkle that you can clearly see on the bottle showed up more on the nail. Nonetheless that gold sparkle gives a warmth and depth to this shade. It’s wonderful.

Nails Inc Chapel Market Hard Candy Lava
Nails Inc Chapel Market, Hard Candy Lava

Nails Inc Chapel Market is a beautiful red glitter with tiny silver and gold specks mixed throughout. This was a holiday polish last year and came with a cute little snowflake charm. I’ve layered it over Nails Inc Ascot. Another of my fave reds, but I need to reswatch it.

Hard Candy Lava was definitely one of the standout polishes from the new Hard Candy Line. (Are they bringing out any new shades or what? Christmas Glitters! C’mooon!) It’s a weird mix of shimmer, foil and glitter and it is absolutely spectacular in the sun. I wish they would release an Emerald version of this colour.

Sally Hansen Rock Star Sally Hansen Hot Sauce
Sally Hansen Rock Star, Sally Hansen Hot Sauce

Sally Hansen Rock Star is the lone red creme that I mentioned earlier, and I tell you – it is PERFECT. I picked it up on eBay for less then two dollars (I actually think there is a whole bunch still available). It went on smooth, even, pigmented… seriously I have not used a better red creme in my life. The long stem and brush of the old Sally Hansen bottles makes application super easy too. Everyone needs this in their collection.

Sally Hansen Hot Sauce comes from the same collection as Rock Star, and it is AWESOME as well. The whole collection is great (six different reds – 4 shimmers, 2 cremes) but these two were the standout. Not surprisingly, this is the red with gold flash from the collection. Of course I was going to love it.

Piggy Polish You Sleigh Me OPI - La Boheme
Piggy Polish You Sleigh Me, OPI La Boheme

I’ve blogged about Piggy Polish You Sleigh Me before and I will repeat myself by saying this is the most stunning dark red shimmer I have EVER seen. The depth is amazing and when I wore it I found myself staring at my nails all day. The name is hilarious too. I think I might need to wear this again very very soon. Like today.

Last, but most certainly not least is OPI La Boheme. This swatch is from a mini I was given as a gift last year (I was also gifted a full size bottle this year!) and I can really see what all the hype is about. A lot of people complain that their La Boheme is a “dud” and they aren’t able to see the duochrome. The colour change isn’t really in your face – you have to get your nails in the right light and at the right angle to see the gold and green peek through. She’s a shy one, but oh so beautiful.

A few other all time favourite reds that I haven’t included in this list include China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Maybelline Rouge Red and OPI Thanks So Muchness. Red is such a beautiful, classic colour that you can wear with pretty much any outfit. Red nails add a dash of instant sexy to your day. If you’re like I used to be and you pretty much completely write off red, give it a go! You might be pleasantly surprised!

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  • Scrangie

    You know, I've always waffled over Jessica Mauboy. It was one of the original ones from the color chart that caught my eye cause it looked brownish-fall-reddish, but your picture is amazing…. I might have to get that one of these days. I'm not even much of a red shimmer wearer but man that's pretty.

    Lava, La Boheme, and Stop would be on my list too! I don't think I have the Ruby Emerald… Maybe I do! I need to check. That looks HOT.

  • Kaz

    I know what you mean about JM I. So glad I ended up picking myself up a bottle. If you ever want to order one, just hit me up and I'll grab it for you, no problem.

    Oh if you don't have Ruby Emerald, you NEED!

  • Nixxy

    Ahem. May I add that magnificent red Streetwear jelly you sent me to that list?

  • Kaz

    Oh yes!! Streetwear Scary. It is fabulous.

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  • Kaz

    I’ll have to pop you an email when I get my current swaps finished! I am intrigued!

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  • Kaz

    Thank you!

  • Kaz

    Thank you!