My Halloween Stash – China Glaze and OPI

China Glaze and OPI are the two salon brands that you can count on to consistently release Halloween shades every year. Although OPI usually only does the mini sets, they offer full size sample bottles of the ‘star’ of each mini collection for salons and beauty supply stores as promotional freebies depending on how much stock they order.

Although I’m not ‘trade’ in the traditional sense (not licensed but I do have my own brand!) I’ve been lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time with the right people to be able to get my hands on these fantastic trade samples. I’m not sure if there was a full size polish from this years So Skullicious collection, and Zom-body To Love was offered to the public in full size last year, the rest of these are very very rare.

OPI Boo-Berry OPI Ghostess With The Mostess

Boo-Berry – Glow Out For Halloween 2007, Ghostess With The Mostess – Get In-Spider-ed 2008

OPI Glow Ink The Dark OPI Unripened

Glow Ink The Dark – Tattoo Ta-Boo! 2009, Unripened – Go Goth! 2010

OPI Zom-body To Love

Zom-body To Love – Spookettes/Pair’em Scare’em 2011

And just because I think it belongs here…

OPI Vampire State Building

Vampire State Building – New York Collection, 2000

Moving on to my China Glaze, the earliest I have is 2009’s Fortune Teller and Spellbound. There was also a third polish – a limited edition shade for Victoria Nail Supply called Black Magic which I can vaguely remember not being impressed enough to pick up. You can see a swatch here at Steph’s Closet.

China Glaze Fortune Teller China Glaze Spellbound

Fortune Teller 2009, Spellbound 2009

The following year in 2010 was the Awakening collection, a trio of orange, purple and green glitters. I bought all three but ended up getting rid of the purple (Mummy May I?) because I really, really didn’t like the chunky formula on these.

China Glaze Ick-a-body China Glaze Zombie Zest

Ick-a-body – Awakening 2010, Zombie Zest – Awakening 2010

Last year, I was so impressed with the 2011 Haunting collection that I picked up all four shades (the fifth was a repromote of Ghoulish Glow… which I own – wait, why haven’t I photographed that for this post?). I love these. Perfect Halloween polishes from China Glaze.

China Glaze Crimson China Glaze It's Alive

Crimson – Haunting 2011, It’s Alive – Haunting 2011

China Glaze Haunting China Glaze Near Dark

Haunting – Haunting 2011, Near Dark – Haunting 2011

Definitely looking forward to picking up everything from the Wicked collection this year! China Glaze continues to kick some serious Halloween polish ass!

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  • April Croft

    Love Unripened & Fortune Teller! I have Glow Ink The Dark but only the mini from Tattoo Taboo.

    • Kaz

      I have a couple of the mini sets too (should have photographed them!) but the jewels of my collection are definitely the full size ones!

  • Kaz

    It’s funny, I remember at the time that Spellbound was the hard one to get and everyone could find Fortune Teller!

  • Konadlicious

    Argh, u have Vampire State! Ive been after it for yonks but didnt realise it was a 2000 release.

    • Kaz

      Yep, she’s an oldie! I bet you could still find it if you look in old nail salons.