My Halloween Stash – Revlon

While I’m getting over yet another case of angry red cuticle which prevents me from swatching, since it’s October I thought I’d set up a series of posts showing you guys my Halloween polishes. I went through all my helmers a couple of days ago and fished out everything that was either a Halloween release or potentially could have been and I was surprised at the number of prominent brands that just don’t seem to do Halloween collections. We know that they’re a staple for China Glaze and most ‘drugstore’ brands, but even OPI only go as far as a set of minis. There’s no Halloween from Misa or Zoya. In fact, I don’t think even Color Club have done their usual mini set this year.

It’s a shame – I really do think that Halloween is probably the biggest time of year for the nail industry next to Holiday so I’m surprised to see such a decline in Halloween offerings from the major brands. I hope this changes in the years to come.

Turns out I have a LOT of Halloween polishes, some vintage, some not. I thought I’d start with Revlon today.

Revlon Purple Potion Revlon Night Spell

Revlon Silver Spell Revlon Wicked

I’m not entirely sure if these were Halloween releases, but the theming is definitely right so I’m going to include them.

Streetwear Nightmare Streetwear Black Widow

Streetwear Oct 31st Streetwear Costume Party

Streetwear Monster Mash

The Streetwear polishes shown above are definitely Halloween shades. I’m also missing another three that are very rare – so rare that I’ve only ever seen one of them at all. Fraidy Cat, Totally Tarantula and Spider Veins (a dupe for Costume Party).

Streetwear Scary Streetwear Witchy

Streetwear Evil Streetwear Blood

The four Streetwear polishes above certainly have the right names to be included with Halloween shades, although I’m pretty sure none of them actually are. Do you have any old Revlon or Streetwear shades that I have missed that could be Halloween related? I’d love to hear!

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  • Scholarly_Nail

    Amazeballs!!! I also have a Streetwear called Trick or Treat, it’s an orange shimmer. Doesn’t match up with the other Halloween polish numbers but the name has me convinced that it was for Halloween.

    • Kaz

      I forgot about that one!! I think that’s one of the ones I’m missing. Probably not a Halloween shade but it fits with the rest of them!

  • April Croft

    Ooooh wow! I was just thinking yesterday how here in Wales the only Halloween themed polish I have seen so far is the Barry M web effects. I love Oct 31st, Black Widow & Blood! Me wants 🙂

    • Kaz

      It’s a shame, I think Halloween is such a great time for polish!

  • I have Nightmare & Oct 31st but I NEED Costume Party & Monster Mash! 0_0 wowza collection, chica!

    • Kaz

      Thanks doll! I hope you find them!